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How to begin business? Five secrets from great Richard Branson of

Richard Branson are the person absolutely surprising! One of the most successful businessmen of our days, the fan of extreme adventures shocking public with the extraordinary acts both in life and in business.

its multimillion corporation Virgin includes more than 350 various companies: shops selling musical disks, an avia - and the railway companies, radio station, publishing house, racing team, etc.

How to construct the successful company? How to create a unique brand? How to provide to the client tremendous service? How to gather a team of adherents and to inspire it on great causes? Richard Branson has nothing to hide!

In the new book “Business in Virgin style“ it easily shares the best councils and knowledge which helped it to become that whom he is. So, here five ideas which will increase chances of your new business of a survival, success and prosperity (as without it).

1. Do not get down to business if it is not pleasant to you.

to open new business, to you it is necessary many and to work hard therefore work has to bring you pleasure. When Richard Branson began Virgin in the cellar in the Western London, it had no great plan or strategy. It was not going to build the business empire. He just wanted to create that he will cause pleasant emotions in people.

For it to create business - means, to make what it is possible to be proud, unite talented people and to build what can seriously change life of people around.

Businessmen in something it is similar to artists. Creating the company, you start with a clean slate on which it is necessary to apply paints. The good artist has to trace the most fine details. And the businessman wishing to achieve success from the very beginning has to consider the smallest details. However, unlike a picture, business cannot be finished. It constantly evolves, and not so - that it is simple to paint over your mistakes! The businessman who sets before himself the purpose to change the world and tries to obtain it for certain will be able to pay bills and in addition will receive successful business.

2. Be inventive - change the world.

it is difficult to b to create the prospering company Presently. No matter, what you offer the consumer - a product, service or a brand. Actually, you should create something radically differing from what already exists.

Remember the most successful companies of the last 20 years. Microsoft, Google, Apple and Facebook shook the world, having made what nobody to them did. But also today they continue to think out something new. Not everyone has courage to aspire to such heights. However, having decided to enter already crowded segment, you have to be ready to offer buyers of service who will not leave from competitors of a stone on a stone.

When Richard Branson opened Virgin Atlantic, thought up the counter which was based on the only fact: the Virgin Atlantic team treats passengers really very kindly. You represent what breakthrough idea for airline!

3. You are proud of tremendous work of your employees.

Business - no more than group of people, and they, undoubtedly, your most valuable asset. Actually in most cases your people are also your product.

There is nothing worse when employees apologize for the employer. Pride of the company creates a special level of credibility and commitment which will favourably distinguish your business in the world of mediocrity and indifference.

4. You direct - listening. the good head has to be able to listen to

. Your point of view, undoubtedly, is important, however there is no sense to impose the opinion, rejecting discussion and achievement of a certain consensus.

Nobody has monopoly for good ideas and councils. Go to the people, listen, draw employees out and you study at them. As the leader you have to be able to distribute praises generously. Never openly criticize people, you do not fly into a rage and be always ready to applaud well made work.

People blossom from praises. As a rule, they do not need to say that they are not right as usually they and so know about it.

5. Be noticeable.

the good leader does not sit in the chair. Richard Branson never worked at office (its personal office - houses), and nevertheless it is constant near the team. Can seem that all the time in traveling, but it has it always with itself a notebook in which he writes down all questions and good ideas.

Communicate with the clients and employees at any opportunity, listen that they tell you (both good, and bad), and realize their ideas.

Many will tell: it works if you have a small business. Lie. In Virgin it is possible to operate huge corporation the same as the owner of small business directs family business - keeps pro-activity, responsiveness and goodwill.

That`s all - now let`s get down to work!