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Informidable terrible dolls. Why monsters are popular?

and to them similar hardly managed to cease Debate about harm and advantage of dolls of Barbie; parents and psychologists still argue whether it is worth giving to girls in hands of hooligans of Bratz, and on shelves of shops there were already dolls in comparison with which Barbie and even Bratts look innocent sweeties.

Glamourous vedmochka of Bratzillas, young devils are heroes of the cartoon serial Angel`s Friends, evil spirits and to indulge teenage age of Monster`s High, the girl - demons of Paola Reina...

The Chinese producers do not lag behind, filling the market with fakes and fakes under fakes. In a deathlike way pale, trupno green, it is poisonous attractive dolls pink surprisingly cause interest both in children, and in adult collectors. Splash in sympathy for terrible beings, generally to demons and vampires, for the last years ten - we see twenty also in cinema (a striking example - popularity of the movie “Twilight“), and in literature (from Vladimir Orlov`s novels to Ann Rice`s saga). However to try to explain a demand of toys with presence of “dark“ subject in masses - culture, I think, the same as to explain to X through Y. Let`s try to dig more deeply.

For a start we will remember that the doll not always intended for childish sports. Toys were charms, as well as patterns on clothes, and a carving on utensils and platbands of the house. Representing the world inhabited by strong, often hostile spirits, people tried to force them to serve themselves or to be protected at least from them. Terrible figures and masks frightened off evil deities; rag dolls, it is obligatory without the person (equipment of spiritual safety!) protected the owners from troubles or promoted success in affairs.

Distribution of the monotheist religions offering protection against powers of darkness led to dying off of a magic component of crafts, ceremonies, games. Toys finally removed to the nursery. However and in the society which is seriously relating to religion, emergence of children`s toys - it was impossible for evil spirits. In Russia puppet devils and death could be seen only in vertepny theater.

We see other situation in modern sekulyarny society. Sacred history and folklore are perceived by many people as not having relations to daily occurrence. Characters of legends, including angry, are romaticized, losing the terrible shape and gaining in exchange human lines of appearance and character. In modern consciousness angels, demons, vampires, vampires appear as humanoid races, like tolkiyenovsky elves and hobbits. Between them the friendship, love, marriage are possible. They are exotic and for a long time are not terrible. Independently there are in this row zombies who do not have consciousness, but, seemingly, and it for a while.

The books and movies showing merits of negative beings began to appear in large quantities not so long ago. Ideas of the works intended initially for adults, becoming simpler and being distorted, got to children. The modern child is accustomed to the romaticized perception of otherworldly beings, and even not tragic (as was not very long ago), and pop, become banal. I think, demand roots on “dark“ dolls lie including in the sekulyarny picture of the world developing in children`s consciousness.

Whether so the child should buy “horror story“? To solve to you.