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Correct car insurance of

Ten councils - as the vehicle is correct to insure.

* Car insurance. Council No. 1. If you have a familiar insurance agent, or you in friendship with with &ndash insurance company; you were very lucky. And if to you give a practical and valuable advice about insurance of a car, in subtleties which most it is almost impossible to understand - you were lucky doubly.

* Car insurance. No. 2. Collect information maximum about insurance companies of Dnipropetrovsk, suggesting to sign the contract of insurance. Be not limited to conversation only with one agent - in the market tens of the similar companies, - only conditions of contracts and the price of insurance at all for some reason different.

* Car insurance. No. 3. Make own TOP - 10 insurance companies of Dnipropetrovsk where the level of insurance payments will be the main criterion first of all.

* Car insurance. No. 4. The insurance premium (your insurance payment) of the Ukrainian CMTPL depends on the general driver`s experience and the number of the previous registered road accidents, - if offered you unreasonably low price of the policy of assurance - it has to guard you, at least.

* Car insurance. No. 5. Look for promotional programs and discounts. The majority of insurance companies provide discounts upon purchase of several policies. Besides, if you accurate driver - demand a discount for an accident-free experience.

* Car insurance. No. 6. Stipulate the franchize sum, - it is not difficult to guess that than it is less - the better for you. In case of accident the size of the franchize specified in the policy of assurance, - it is not paid.

* Car insurance. No. 7. If you decided to insure a car on the COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE or the CMTPL at the same time at several insurers - warn about it all insurance companies. Such insurance is very often practiced by swindlers. Enrichment due to insurance payments at us is penal.

* Car insurance. No. 8. Read attentively the contract of insurance - it is better to specify some details at once that in a consequence to avoid unclear situations, - and it happens quite often.

* Car insurance. No. 9. At loss of the original of the policy of assurance or change of registration data of the car to a uvedomta as soon as possible about it insurance companies with which you signed the contract, - at least to avoid misunderstanding with the inspector of GAI.

* Car insurance. No. 10. Choose a tariff which will be commensurable with your income. Many insurance companies accept back payments, however at the same time the insurance premium increases. Having chosen payment option by the month, quarterly etc. you grant sums of money in time, without delays, differently if during delay of payment there is an insured event, - you can appear without insurance payments.