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New year: how prepare for a holiday of the woman and man?

New year - a holiday universal, belonging to all, regardless of a sex, age, religion, the social status and so on. However, not all celebrate New year in the night of December 31 for January 1, but these are already particulars, from change of date the holiday does not disappear anywhere.

I all like to receive gifts on the occasion of a holiday. For New year gifts give everything and all: to men, women, children. And, respectively, all (men, women and children) prepare for a holiday, prepare New Year`s gifts.

If you still doubt that women and men - beings from different planets, will of a case faced on Earth, then know that this theory had the next proof: as a result of the poll prepared and which is carried out by psychologists of the website eDarling it became clear that men and women approach acquisition of New Year`s gifts variously.

Everything begins equally: both men, and women plan to get on average 6 - 7 gifts by New year. But if women plan not only quantity, but also a type of gifts, and time of purchase, then the man, having decided on quantity, on it stop. Women prefer to get New Year`s gifts in advance, men - to postpone purchase for the latest moment when there is already no place to recede, shops are closed, and New year already almost came. If the woman is capable to buy a New Year`s gift at the height of summer heat, to accurately put it in a box of a table and to quietly wait for a holiday that to hand it, then the man will arrive absolutely in any other manner. No, the New Year`s gift can buy in the summer also the man - if something original suddenly catches sight, fascinating at first sight. But here to wait for New year for the man - almost unreal business. The New Year`s gift will burn down to it hands, pockets, a table box and so on, and eventually will be handed in absolutely other occasion. At the same time most often there is a dialogue of such plan: “Generally I was going to present you it for New year, but … - So, for New year I will be left without gift?! - Well you! For New year I will present you something another!“. It is not surprising that the New Year`s gift budget of men is about 25% more, than at women - at almost identical quantity and quality of gifts which are got directly by New year.

Differently men and women approach also clothes for celebration of New year. If women plan in advance in what they will be dressed as are brushed what will be a make-up and so on, then men - precisely as well as in a case with acquisition of a gift - postpone everything for the last moment. At this last moment what appears near at hand (if only had more or less festive appearance) catches, and on it most of men calms down. Unless if the campaign on a visit is planned - then the suit can be prepared since morning, but not earlier than.

Approach to a New Year`s feast too opposite. Women prefer to prepare independently. And it is valid why to buy ready chicken if there is a fine carcass of a broiler, an oven and five minutes to process a carcass the necessary spices and seasonings? Most of men will go to cookery including for a chicken. To spend time and forces for preparation of a New Year`s table for men it is represented irrational - forces will be necessary to carry out the expiring year and adequately to meet coming. So what sense to spend them at a plate? Of course, there is a miracle - men who, having dressed up in fartuchek, prepare independently, but this exception to the rules (most likely - some miscalculations in education!) .

And here salads began to buy to a New Year`s table and men recently, and women. Especially, if it is about the difficult salads consisting of many ingredients. The working women already too have no opportunity to spend forces and time for their preparation. Similar situation with various marinades: if earlier in a New Year`s feast indispensable part was taken by independently salted or marinated cucumbers and tomatoes, then now a similar delicacy are got from store jars. Same catastrophic lack of time.

A current trend is as follows: beings alien by origin - men and women - facing realities of modern life, approach more and more. If this tendency remains, then there can be a miracle: men and women will learn to understand each other! They at last will start talking one language.