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How to get rid of damage?

Damage, a malefice, a patrimonial damnation and other horrors reliably entered modern life along with high technologies. It is enough to open any newspaper - and right there the announcement it seems “Removal of damage, a malefice, disposal of a patrimonial damnation“ will catch sight. And all right it would be announcements of individuals, so to speak, of grandmothers - the witch doctors who left an underground. But a set of advertizing of this sort from the specialized centers.

Also it turns out that disposal of damage is very demanded service. Just necessary for many and many people!

So how to get rid of damage?

We will begin from the very beginning. What is damage? This charming word if to trust Wikipedia, “harmful magic influence from ill-wishers“ is called. On the websites devoted to black magic, damage call the “mental attack“ including “introduction by an aggressor in a biopower framework of the victim (recipient) of information alien to it“ (it is curious that psychics use more pseudoscientific terminology, than information Wikipedia - too whether you know, the method of impact on the reader, sounds - that as!) .

It is considered that the people inspired, a neurotic warehouse are most subject to damage. Taking into account that neurosises of this or that degree very many have now, and in the cities and at all the vast majority, it is possible to claim that it is possible to jinx (to introduce alien information) practically on any person. And taking into account the whole sea of information on various ekstrasensorny miracles, also the fact that targeting of damage does not require even personal contact is not surprising - the person who felt certain signs which are anywhere and everywhere declared as damage targeting signs is able to convince himself that damage really is available. And even “bad“ views of some acquaintances or even at all strangers (for example, someone slantwise looked in public transport) will be remembered - and it will be damage targeting confirmation.

For those who doubt damage diagnostics methods are offered “absolutely reliable“. For example, it is possible to speak safely about damage if the person suffers from sleeplessness or the increased drowsiness, unmotivated alarm, irritability, various pains - and at the same time medical examination shows full norm. If it is not enough similar symptomatology or it is not observed, recommended to be checked by means of a candle - if the burning candle suddenly begins to smoke and/or crack at approach to a body, then it is possible to claim that damage is available. And here - that is time to run to psychics. To sorcerers. To magicians. To the brightened-up teachers. Well also we designate who promises healing from damage, and even damage transfer to an initial aggressor - let to suffer, eating own pie.

Here only where to find the real sorcerer? Where to take such psychic about whom with confidence it is possible to tell - real, not the charlatan? They divorced much recently. Where you will look - directly herds go, in packs get off. Earlier, that to the child to pour out an alarm or to exorcise stutter, it was necessary to run about very much to find the grandma - the witch doctor. And now and it is not necessary to run, at every turn sit, wait. Already and academies of parapsychology were got. Train everyone in “incredible skill“. Besides, self-instruction manuals various. So at desire it is possible just to get a book and to become the master - the psychic. And what … on a guitar it is possible to learn according to the self-instruction manual, so here why it is impossible?

On a guitar it is really possible, here only any self-instruction manual will not insert ear for music.

But if to compare damage symptoms to symptomatology of psychological frustration, then it will turn out that directly twins are brothers. Stressful states are followed by the unmotivated uneasiness increased by aggression, drowsiness or sleeplessness and so on too. Also there is a number of psychosomatic diseases - when functional violations of activity of an organism are caused by a condition of mentality. One of unpleasant features of such diseases: they will not respond to traditional treatment, medicamentous preparations in this case make impact only on symptomatology, without mentioning the disease prime causes, and, respectively, do not render due effect. And, notice, no damage at the same time is required. Failures in private life (or “damage on loneliness“, or “a celibacy wreath“), at work (or “damage on affairs“) and many other things can be applied to a stress. But to cope with a stressful state, the sorcerer is not invited.

Rather good psychologist - he will help to get rid of complexes, sense of guilt, a stress, psychosomatic diseases. Not without reason the believing people in old times with damage first of all addressed the priest - it is considered that the confession and a participle can relieve of damage. So really can: most of priests are very quite good psychologists, and some can even argue with the best experts. And the confession at the priest is even more effective, than a confession at the psychologist - and there, and there the person opens the problems as abscess. And in the modern world the priest can be more preferable than the psychologist to the believing people: to his words there is more trust and consequently, they have bigger and faster effect.

So if you have a suspicion that you were “awarded“ with damage by any well-wisher, you do not hurry to call according to tempting announcements of sorcerers and magicians. Try more traditional methods: psychologist or priest. At them, at least, the corresponding education is had.