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How to conduct surveys and to create the selling advertizing

Article “ Polls - main secret of the effective advertizing “

In the work I face that many companies before creation of advertizing do not conduct surveys or carry out them incorrectly. Result - the low income and claims to regular marketing specialists. As practicing business - to the consultant in the sphere of marketing and to the graduate of the special course “Polls“, in this article to me it would be desirable to consider the purposes and rules of carrying out polls that your advertizing always “hit into a point“ and helped you to support sales at the high level.
of the Purpose of carrying out polls
Results of polls give us an idea of “reality“ of the client concerning a product or service concerning which survey is conducted. It is possible to tell that “reality“ - this consent of the person with something.

For example, the travel agency does mailing of new advertizing on the Kiev firms of small business - with the offer of rest in Dubai. But the response to advertizing receives absolutely small. Why? Carrying out poll showed that only for a small number of the Kiev businessmen rest in Dubai is REAL . And it is not money, and in what the person got used to and what he agrees with. It turned out that the majority of them AGREES with tourist programs of active recreation in the Crimea since, in their opinion, the Crimea “discharges from working routine and gives forces“. It is more interesting to them and is “real“ (i.e. here more of a consent ), than just to go to the world of expensive hotels and elite service. REALITY - it is what the person agrees with.

So, during poll of the client about your product or service, you find out its consent in the field of this product / service. Proceeding from the found “reality“, so-called “button“ which “clings“ the client during his acquaintance with the advertizing text is formulated. In the above-stated example “Dubai“ was not “button“ therefore decent money was spent for advertizing, and she “had wide of the mark“. The button was - Crimea.

Further in article I will tell how, proceeding from results of poll and the found “reality“ to formulate “buttons“ and to use them for creation of the selling advertizing model.

As it is correct to

to make questions for the questionnaire
to make the questionnaire, for a start :

What is the most valuable to you in ( you specify the production / service) ?
What most of all is not pleasant to you in ordered / acquired ( you specify the production / service )?
what you would pay attention to first of all, choosing ( you specify the production / service )?

For example, when carrying out poll of buyers of condensed milk in supermarkets, questions can sound so:

What is the most valuable to you in the acquired condensed milk?
What most of all is not pleasant to you in the acquired condensed milk?
what you would pay attention to first of all, choosing condensed milk?

Summing up polls

to reveal “idea“ or “reality“ of clients of something, it is necessary to reveal the majority of answers, similar in sense (by the way, often happens enough and 50 - ti the interrogated clients). In general, survey is conducted until the obvious tendency becomes visible to (the prevailing answers).

For example:
When carrying out poll for creation of advertizing of printing services are interrogated the existing clients who at least once did the order.

The first question in the questionnaire can be such: “What is the most valuable to you in services in the press of printing products?“
After carrying out polls among 50 - ti clients, on this question are received such answers:
That the order corresponded to the original - to the model and was made
  in time; That the order was ready to precisely stipulated term
of the Most important terms by production
Terms and compliance with the
model That the manager was competent and could recommend that it is better in my case

And so on...

If you noticed, there are several answers, similar in sense, above. Search of such answers is also necessary for identification of a tendency in preferences of consumers.

Further it is necessary to make the approximate table and “to line“ results of poll:

The number of the interrogated people: 50 people. (You watch an illustration to this article)

it is IMPORTANT: the Client on one question can give several answers. Each answer which is received is used when summing up. Rather seldom the client gives only one answer “Terms“, he adds something else, it needs to be considered.

The table to us shows to a tendency - by means of the answers, similar in sense, surpassing others in quantity.
Answers: “It was made in time“, “Managed to carry out the order in time“, “In the stipulated time to carry out the order“ - just also “Terms“ will belong to the answer with sense.
Thus, when summing up polls, to you needs to track similarity of answers on sense.
to transfer quantitative result to a percentage ratio, it is necessary to share the number of responses to the number of the interrogated people. For example, if to divide 30 answers into 50 people, then number 0,6 will turn out. After that 0,6 it is multiplied on 100 and 60 turn out. It means that 60% of the interrogated people gave such answer.
Is frequent for identification of “buttons“ enough to interrogate only several tens clients, but happens that it is necessary to interrogate much more. It is possible to finish poll only when one answer (in certain cases there are two - three) when processing poll begins to be selected against other questions with essential “separation“.

It is necessary to notice that when carrying out polls, there are answers which cannot be accepted and used in advertizing.
For example, it is possible to face such answer:
What for you is the most valuable in condensed milk?
That it was qualitative .

what you would pay attention to first of all, choosing business - the sales coach for the company?
That it was the expert on sales.

Such words as “quality“, “expert“ etc. are answers with indistinct value therefore cannot be used. In that case it is necessary to ask the specifying questions interrogated, for example:

A what you mean by the word “Quality“?“;
“And by what parameters you determine, “expert“ it or not?“. Then the client will answer

in more detail:
“When condensed milk is made of milk, but not of any chemistry. I.e. from natural ingredients. That condensed milk did not undertake lumps when you cook it“;
“I will look at whether it has a real experience of the seller and what it could reach in this sphere. For example, there are trainers who in the large companies tried to obtain increase in profit several times. Also I will support the confidence with responses of his clients“.
Thus, it is possible to receive ACCURATE answers about the value of a product or service.
Now you know that needs to be done to receive the exact and working answer when carrying out polls.

Use of results of polls in advertizing
to learn to use results of poll, we will address for example which I gave above - about orders of printing products.
Result of poll showed a tendency concerning answers - “Terms“ and “Compliance the original - to the model“.

In order that to use these answers in advertizing, it is necessary to create and issue “buttons“. The easiest way - it to turn them into the specifying questions.

With the answer “Terms“ it can look so:
“You want to receive printing products precisely in the stipulated terms?“
“Bothered to receive printing products after the stipulated production terms?“ .

If to take the second repeating answer “Compliance the original - to the model“, then “the question - the button“ can be formulated so:
“Faced that the finished printing products do not correspond approved the original - to the model?“ to
“Bothered what orders have deviations and not always correspond the original - to the model?“ .

When filling advertizing by the text, it is possible to use the received result of poll as well in description of a product or service . So, when using the Terms button, the text of advertizing can be constructed so that to inform the client of idea on what you with terms of problems cannot have.

For example: “Our equipment allows to make any order of printing products without involvement of contractors since we have a full cycle of production. Each production line is in addition supported with spare units of equipment, and in case of any casual stop of the equipment, your order is transferred to spare. Therefore you can be always sure that your order will be made by precisely in an agreed time frame “.

Thus, advertizing describes of value a product or service for the client and that is rather valuable to it and what he is ready to pay money for, show polls .

In end of this article I want to share the quote of L. Ron Hubbard - the classic of the American management:

the Subject of polls is rather deep

. In this article I stated only bases, but you can APPLY it already today! There will be questions - write. Prosper and succeed!