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How to give New Year`s gifts or whether It is smeared with honey under a fir-tree?

So were moved that traditionally New Year`s gifts live under a fir-tree. There they are put under a festive shumok by Father Frost, there, most often, also gifts from parents, relatives and friends go.

Here and in our family the main gift - from the main bearded Ded of the country - appears on New Year`s Eve under a fir-tree. And here other gifts not always are under the main thing to the novogoyena - a round symbol - periodically they migrate on all apartment.

How it is possible to diversify receiving / delivery of New Year`s gifts?

In - the first , of course, the quest which is hotly loved by me . It is possible to disperse gifts on the apartment, to make a route (map) with designation of the place where “treasure“ is hidden, to write tasks and - forward on searches. At the same time tasks to execution (riddles, rebuses, songs, dances, verses, physical exercises) can be thought up taking into account what year we meet. Year of the Snake - a task corresponding. The main thing - that is cheerful, hazardous, with humour. You sometime saw cheerful hazardous snakes? I - am not present. But it is possible to try to present and represent!

The second option - when gifts do not hide anywhere, and closely and picturesquely lie the impressive mountain under a fir-tree. In this case their receiving can be diversified too. For example, so:

* Step 1. To each gift we think out three riddles - hints:

1) the hint very “muddy“ (only slightly hinting regarding, wrapped in beautiful gift paper) to guess it it is unreal in general;

2) the hint “for very clever“ (information which is contained in the hint has not enough for exact understanding, “that there inside“, however it is possible to guess incidentally or to come to the right answer by cunning conclusions);

3) the hint “for just clever“ - is written so that any guessed, even fairly accepted on a breast.

* Step 2. the hint No. 1 Becomes engrossed in reading. Presented tries to guess - that is hidden in packing. If suddenly guessed (happens, but it is extremely rare), it is possible to suggest to make sure of correctness of a guess, having read the hint No. 2 (well not to vanish to work on writing of hints!) . If nevertheless correctly guessed - well, the gift “is earned“.

* Step 3. If the person did not guess “from the first“, then we read the hint No. 2. At least a half guessing usually further the second hint does not go and receives a desired gift for the correct guess. However happens that it is necessary to take the following step.

* Step 4. we Read the third hint, we give at last a gift which now precisely “is acquired by hard work“.

I will give examples of such hints:

A gift - a nightgown with drawing “stars - letters“:

Hint No. 1. Can be read to

, it is possible to put on, it is possible to fly to space.

Hint No. 2.

Warm, long, leading a nocturnalism.

Hint No. 3.

B to it with pleasure you sleep and you have dreams.

A gift - a terry towel:

the Hint No. 1 (in this case it would be possible to guess at once what for a gift, but could not come to the person to mind that here then to it was handed over by all appearances):

Blue as sea, yellow as sand, soft as terry towel.

Hint No. 2.

Friend of purity.

Hint No. 3.

the Subject for elimination of the remains of liquid from a face and hands.

A gift - the electrorazor:

Hint No. 1.

Subject of an indescribable form. Prost in use, is difficult under repair.

Hint No. 2.

Karl Marx would refuse it.

Hint No. 3.

the Machine for deprivation of men of secondary sexual characteristics.

A gift - a toothbrush:

Hint No. 1.

Periodically used sanitary product.

Hint No. 2.

soft, average and rigid Is.

Hint No. 3.

the Bristled-up enemy of caries.

Well, sense, I think it is clear.

Option 3 (it is the complicated option No. 2). If you have not enough second option, it is possible to hide hints, and presented to give the task the hint to find. Approximately so:

It is easy to find your hint: 2 fir-trees you will meet
on this way,
In a corner settled down a huge bear. you have to watch
At an ear of a bear.


The hint will be found by you in a hall now. was not enough
of the Imagination at us,
I we put the hint in a boot,
But only in which - we will not remember in any way.

Option 4 - gifts will be brought by almost real Father Frost “from Zarya firm.

Well, here everything is clear - order Father Frost, before an entrance door give him all gifts, pay a money (considerable, it is necessary to tell), and everything occurs “as it is necessary“ - for a rhyme or dance Father Frost gives all gifts. And that still can both pozagadyvat riddles, and round dances to move. If you count on round dances, call Moroz not really late while he can stand on legs - the conveyor …

Option 5 will suit those who have a son of 5 - 7 years who is eager to surprise and please members of household and invited.

My son in 2006 just was 5 years old, and my husband was very dissatisfied that our child does not learn by heart verses. And around there was a great number of children which verses easily learned and willingly recited to grateful public therefore my husband strongly strained.

And me the thought came to mind to write the scenario of a meeting of family New year and to assign a leading role in this scenario to the son, having made him by Father Frost. It is thought up - made. Wrote the scenario, appointed the son by Father Frost, assigned itself a part of the leader of a holiday.

Agreed with the child about respect for privacy and - daily rehearsals began. Learned words, actions, intonations … to

Yes, by the way, in 5 years my child still believed in the real Father Frost. Therefore here it was still necessary to resolve an issue of ethical character. Egor very much worried that he has no right to give gifts instead of Father Frost. Therefore we wrote to Father Frost the letter in which Egor asked for permission to stay his representative on a family New Year`s holiday and to hand all gifts. The letter was put, as usual, in the freezer that prompt servants of dedmorozovy mail withdrew it from there and to Moroz transferred. In the same place, in the freezer, through couple of days found the answer from the Grandfather - permission to Egor to stay the grandfather - the deputy.

One week prior to New year I told the husband and relatives invited to a New Year`s Eve that I ordered Father Frost with a congratulation and delivery of gifts, exactly for 01 - 00 nights. The husband was shocked (same expensively!) relatives too - I told them that were going to tell verses, to drive round dances and to sing songs with the Grandfather as it is necessary.

And there came the holiday. It was it`s worth seeing! very cheerful and unusual. And even my father who shouted the day before that not for all the tea in China will not drive round dances - went around a fir-tree together with all! Also there were verses and songs. Also there was a delivery of gifts with address poetic congratulations. And all were pleasantly shocked. Because did not expect such holiday. And therefore that Egor learned by heart huge for 5 - the summer child the number of the text and perfectly won back the role. And for a month of preparation blabbed out to nobody it is obvious, a hint.

Option 5, but standardized : if at you the son of 5 - 7 years is unavailable or the son is not eager to study the text of the scenario - Father Frost the distressful father or the active grandfather can quite stay. Eventually - to them not to get used …

Cheerful to you the New Year`s holiday! Also remember - with honey under a fir-tree it is not smeared, and gifts can be absolutely in other places from time to time!