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What will be if we cease to write on paper? As much you wrote

for last year? Wrote: ink on paper. And to what can give full refusal of writing in that look in what it exists now? Hands and a brain are tied among themselves. And writing of texts trained a brain the same as inventing of these texts. whether

our brain Will suit the press on the computer, or we are waited by a fate of Friedrich Nietzsche who replaced a feather with the typewriter shortly before insanity of mind? I will try to understand especially as recently noticed for himself very unusual habit.

I did not dream to cast in the lot with writing (in any aspects - articles, books). Just liked to write. And long enough the composition of stories, with the subsequent transfer on paper, was for me just entertainment. Even emergence of the computer at the end of school did not force out a habit to keep daily logs and diaries.

Somewhere after institute I began to write on paper a little. Remained unless scribbles in daily logs. All the rest was created in virtual space at once. And all this lasted till December of this year. I took in hand a thick big notebook which I used up (as it seemed to me) for the last 12 months. In an easy attack of nostalgia thumbed through and … Was stupefied.

Actually words and there were very few letters. Business even not in handwriting. I always had it awful. But now symbols, flourishes unknown to science and pictograms looked at me from pages. Just right to declare opening of a modern language!

Really, I began to give a lot of things by symbols. And if wrote down words, then very quickly and in abbreviated form. You remember, we were taught: “If to write down the phrase, then it is simpler to remember it“. However, nobody said that it is necessary to write down it is legible.

At the same time it became clear. I left from the alphabetic letter whose sense in being clear to the majority reading. Any enciphering of records by me it was not applied. Just handwriting was reformed (degraded?) in a hybrid of an iconography and shorthand. Really, what more simply - to paint as you want to arrange the room with furniture or to quickly nacherkat the plan of the room!

At the same time hands and a brain are closely tied among themselves. They constantly train each other.

Transition from the Egyptian hieroglyphs to syllabic, and then and to the modern, alphabetic letter became result of development of the person and formed base for a bigger development further. All thinkers of the past wrote much and difficult. Aristotle and Platon, Hegel and Kant, Lobachevsky and Tsiolkovsky... If we cease to write whether the people thinking will disappear? Whether the person printing to give the same power of thought as the person writing is capable? Again series of questions which it will be possible to answer only in the future.

I gave a case with Nietzsche not casually. The philosopher really replaced a feather with the typewriter. And according to many researchers lost in style of the letter, floridity of thought and volume of compositions much at once. However, as it will become clear later, that there were symptoms of the progressing brain disease, an avovsa not result of the mechanical press. It to the fact that you should not draw hasty conclusions and to accuse computer keyboards of a mankind oglupleniye. However there is other question. Begin to type Friedrich in youth, having left a hand and a brain without written trainings, would keep clarity of mind as much or would fall into madness much earlier?

Meanwhile, having promised to write though several offers in day, I right there broke it. I forget. It is banal I forget in vanity of affairs. Rate of modern life does not leave time for calligraphy! Well, perhaps, process is irreversible. I recommend also to you to observe the calligraphy. Whether it turned into a cuneiform writing?