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Magnitsky`s list. Who to whom threatens?

the Interesting document accepted earlier by the House of Representatives and the Senate the other day was signed by the president of America. In the document - sixty surnames of the Russian officials connected with lawsuit of Hermitage Capital Management fund to which entry into the USA will be forbidden. The listed persons will be also deprived of the property right worldwide, their personal accounts in foreign banks will be frozen.

the European Parliament already approved this document, it is worth waiting for resolutions and from the countries of the Eurozone.

Such last resort became reciprocal action of world community on scandalous trial with the tax lawyer Sergei Magnitsky.

Sergei Magnitsky was condemned in 2008 for tax frauds and died in November, 2009 in the Moscow pre-trial detention center under strange circumstances. Officially sounded cause of death - kalkulyozny cholecystitis. Whether he because he knew too much died and the death of this person or because just medical care, there is no mention was not provided in time was very favorable to someone. In business there are documents on financial frauds of Hermitage Capital Management fund, on false firms, the stolen five billion rubles from the budget.

Foreign human rights activists paid attention to so loud trial. “Magnitsky`s list“ in which, except surnames and positions, the charges brought by world community are specified became result of disagreement with the Russian justice system, democracy and human rights violations.

“List“ will be replenished with surnames of the Russians continuing to violate the rights of those people who fight for freedom of speech, purity of justice, democracy, and also surnames of the persons promoting their narushitelny and illegal activity.

Perhaps, having only limited the right for freedom of movement of some citizens, it is possible to improve human rights, to stop corruption and illegal legal prosecution in separately taken country. And it is not important whether it will be considered as open intervention in internal affairs of the state and imposing of the interests.

In Russia many big words from the authorities at the time of drawing up were stated and coordination of “Magnitsky`s list“ and reciprocal steps were taken. In particular, the bill according to which will be reciprocal - both visa, and economic, sanctions to violators of the rights of the Russian citizens in America is already adopted. Besides the document on a ban on adoption of the Russian children - orphans the American parents is under consideration. All remember also about the restrictive law on the non-profit organizations which are engaged in political activity in Russia and financed from - for a boundary.

With what America will answer, it is only possible to guess. Perhaps, it only beginning of new “cold“ war.

The West has a button of pressure upon powerful elite of the state Russian now.

And the powerful elite has a choice - in what banks to store personal savings in the territory of what state to put honestly earned money in property.

Probably, time when the restless world needs “sword of Damocles“ in the person of the international judge regulating imperfect legal system came.