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What it is necessary to know about suspension? The instruction to beginners of

Suspension - very ancient ritual having a set of values. However, if to go deep into history, then the ceremony of suspension had absolutely other purposes, than today.

thus were brought Earlier by gifts to gods, stringing cart hooks with ripe fruits on the body. In this way also tried though for a while spiritually to get closer to the inhabitants of heaven.

Now such practice makes a few other sense for people. Thus some learn themselves, struggle with fears, test the nerves and a body for durability.

The most sick in such ceremony is a procedure of the threading of a body of the person on hooks. Though for this purpose who is not afraid of it, and even, on the contrary, receives a high, a similar session, as they say, it “is a duck soup“. Besides, before inserting cold fruit punches into a body, it is necessary to make openings. It is made by means of the most usual needles for piercing. But if you are afraid how fire, that pain, such shake-up not for you. As nothing will not anesthetize you. It is considered that with intervention of this sort of a chemical preparation sensitivity decreases and it will be much more complex to achieve desirable result of euphoria. Well, and after introduction in your body of hooks you are suspended cables and you wave to yourself “in there free flight“ alone with the reason, thoughts and feelings.

It is possible to suspend a human body for everything. It depends only on a wish of the client and recommendations of the doctor. But more widespread suspension, all - is considered where hooks pierce back skin. There to prick even it is less painful, than, for example, a stomach or knees.

The heaviest for many, it to cross through itself and to overcome the fear. But you should not be afraid if everything is made qualitatively and professionals. You should not be afraid also that skin can tear, for this purpose punctures become rather deeply, counting upon the weight of suspended.

Suspension for dared to test it on themselves - a certain way of meditation, relaxation of a body and thoughts, stay in prostration. Before such ceremony it is necessary to make toilet, to have a rest properly. Before it it is not allowed to take alcoholic drinks, even in a day as the desire to reach heavenly heights can lead to absolutely opposite consequences. And instead of fantastic feelings of fans of extreme sports “Ambulance“ will already expect.

Here so the users of social networks who experienced all ceremonial on themselves speak of suspension:

“with It is sick only when hooks are put on. Well, at least, it was painful to me only at these moments. Then everything went perfectly. For the first time you will hang about a minute. It will be enough for completeness of feelings!

“of Suspension - alone with the thoughts... Scars do not remain, only hems month or is less. If to hang for one hook - it is sick. All weight passes to it, 6 punctures with hooks normally. Painfully? Noticeably, but in life it is necessary to try everything, I think “.

Care of wounds after suspension same, as well as behind a usual wound. The only thing that under skin there are vials of air which should be squeezed out or removed by means of massage. After processing of wounds there comes the long simplification that for several minutes lowers in a nirvana.

To those who do not wish to spoil the body scars and hems, but such “entertainment“ is interesting to them too, there is a suspension by means of cables (suspensions). Then the body or its concrete part are wound several times as if a web, and lift on a certain height. It is so possible to hang, will not bother yet. Someone manages to stay in such situation hour, and for someone and minute it is enough.

I know that many act as opponents of this sort of actions and procedures with the body. I consider that this personal record of everyone. Though, fortunately (but, and in general for whom as), our youth began to look for pleasures at least already in such occupations, terrible, unclear, for someone disgusting, than in alcohol and drugs. The person learned to reach pleasure not only by means of chemical intervention in the organism.

And everything and already “hanging“ there is a wish to wish to be dared extremely accurate, well and, of course, it is pleasant to hang for a while!