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How many myths about FSB? By Day of the employee of security service of

the Staff of FSB, in the people just of “Fsbshnika“ or even “security officers“, as we know, have to be engaged in counterintelligence and intelligence activities, fight against crime and terrorism. But we - that with you know what actually the sphere of their professional interests.

Myth the first. the Very first and major activity Fsbshnikov - listening of all (!) telephone conversations. Remembering it, some of us often refuse to discuss dangerous subjects by phone (for example when the plan of theft of bricks at the neighbor is formed). At the same time people are sure that it is worth mentioning just once by phone the president, and you already forever will be included into the special list of persons, suspicious for FSB.

Myth of the second. All our correspondence is in the Internet under close attention of employees of FSB too. And as, presently criminals use not only phones, but also actively correspond online. Here also read to Fsbshniki all mails, comments and tweets of the Russian users of worldwide network. They even went further: created own database under cover of social networks. Did not avoid intelligence agencies and a blogosphere. Each blogger has the curator in FSB.

Myth the third. Fsbshniki do not protect the population of Russia, and protect our president from us. That unnecessary questions were not asked. And in newspapers of superfluous did not write. Try to email to the president the letter - you think, will reach? Besides, the certain staff of FSB spend 24 hours a day at all forums to networks to watch a condition of love of the people to the leader.

Myth the fourth. the Staff of FSB knows everything! Starting with that how much now pound it is dashing, and finishing with how called the first husband of your neigbour Liouba. And if they do not prevent all crimes, then it only because differently police officers will be left without work.

Myth the fifth. Fsbshniki constantly watch novelties in the field of psychology because they read all psychological literature which is available today several times. Employees of FSB are excellent psychologists, easily gain people and get at them all necessary information, using the extensive knowledge of science.

Myth of the sixth. Fsbshniki is everywhere! In hostels, on private apartments, in garages, in prisons, in sport centers … Even among your friends and relatives.

Of course, the smoke without fire does not happen, but among the staff of FSB there are many decent people who are really working for the benefit of the people and the Homeland. Today they have a professional holiday (the former Day of the security officer). Let`s wish them success in protection us and our country!