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Herring under a fur coat. How to prepare this dish and why it so is called?

Herring under a fur coat - a traditional dish on a New Year`s table not one decade. And not for nothing it is so loved - elegant, tasty, nourishing! Its preparation does not require any refined ingredients, all of them are in any shop for quite reasonable price. It turns out cheap but good.

I Think, any hostess knows the main components of herring under a fur coat: Her Majesty herring salty, potato, beet, carrots, onions and mayonnaise. Onions are used crude, other vegetables have to be boiled. It is obligatory structure of the classical recipe. Using this minimum, we already receive the most tasty dish. And options with addition of other products the set is thought up, and in each case the dish turns out with some new note of taste.


the Herring needs to be cleared of interiors, a thin skin and bones, having left only fillet which we cut in small cubes. It is possible to buy instead of a carcass of a herring fillet at once.

We boil potato, carrots and beet in a uniform to readiness, we allow to cool down. Then we clear and too we prepare - or we cut small pieces, or we rub on a large grater.

Onions are cut small and thinly.

During cutting we display all ingredients in separate pans.

We take a beautiful flat dish and we begin to spread layer-by-layer products, coating each layer with a small amount of mayonnaise. Classical order of alternation following: potatoes, herring, onions, carrots, beet. From above - a mayonnaise layer. The dish goes for several hours in the refrigerator for impregnation.

Tasty nuances

Before a salad vykladyvaniye we grease a bottom of a plate with fragrant crude sunflower oil, then we put a layer of a herring, onions - and already further the layer-by-layer rest, since potato. As option - to follow rules and on oil to put everything - potato.

One of layers can add the boiled hard-boiled egg rubbed on a large grater.

Firm cheese adds a piquancy too I observe, as well as addition of a small amount of tinned peas or corn.

And if to include in structure of salad literally slightly - slightly crushed sauerkraut, then we will receive absolutely special, unique taste. By the way, guests will surely feel it, but will hardly be able to guess in what a secret.

Instead of crude onions can use the onions which are slightly fried - till golden color. And in couple to it - small cut and fried mushrooms, will be especially good fragrant champignons here.

Can include fresh apple of an unsweetened grade or salty / pickled cucumber in the recipe, only it excess liquid needs previously to crush and allow to flow down.

That this dish turned out especially gentle and air, it is necessary to rub vegetables not in separate pans, and at once in salad, holding a grater suspended over a plate. That is - grated potato on a bottom, put pieces of a herring and onions it is layer-by-layer rubbed all the rest further. At the same time it is more convenient to use mayonnaise in packages or in a soft bottle with a thin nose to apply it on each layer with a thin setochka. Upon termination of process of preparation of edge of a plate around wipe with wet towel wipes, clearing of the stuck vegetables. As I already mentioned

, for herring under a fur coat each hostess can have a list of the used ingredients the, and recently many safely experiment with a compounding, replacing classical products with something special. For example, instead of a herring use more noble species of fish or even shrimp or squids. Now in shops the choice of products is much more, than earlier, so why not to try to make something special if resources allow?

For example, there is also quite non-standard option of herring under a fur coat - with use of an unleavened wheat cake . The leaf of an unleavened wheat cake is greased with mayonnaise and strewed with polished beet, from above stack the second leaf of an unleavened wheat cake on it, greased with mayonnaise and add polished boiled carrots, the third leaf of an unleavened wheat cake - again mayonnaise, plus polished boiled egg, it is possible to add a little cheese. Everything is turned in roll, turned in food wrap and - in the refrigerator for hour or so. The stiffened roll is cut on portion pieces about 3 cm wide, expose them on a wide dish. From above do a beautiful mayonnaise setochka, stack on a piece of fillet of a herring or other salty fish, decorate with fresh onions and greens.

And the vegetarian version of herring under a fur coat is called “The sea under a fur coat“ and prepares, of course, without fish who is replaced with sea cabbage or seaweed. Besides traditional vegetables add mushrooms and avocado to salad. Mayonnaise is used, prepared without eggs. Speak, very tasty dish turns out!

As herring found the fur coat?

As you think why this legendary dish so originally is called and at what a fur coat here? It is sure, many will answer approximately so: here at the bottom herring, and from above - a vegetable fur coat. Well, it seems all is logical. However there is an interesting version, very much even plausible, and other explanation is perfect there.

1918, in Russia serious revolutionary passions boiled, searches of the historical truth often took place in taverns, under a liqueur glass and snack, with fights, a beating of ware and other wrecking of property. The owner of the whole network of taverns, the merchant Anastas Bogomilov became thoughtful, as if to calm down the visitors. It was come to the rescue by one of his cooks - Aristarkh Prokoptsev who thought up the reconciling salad with political implication.

It took herring - it symbolized the proletariat, potato - it symbolized the peasantry, red beet - as a symbol of a revolutionary red banner, and the French sauce provansal - probably as a tribute of the French bourgeois revolution. Beautifully laid out all products on a dish, greased with sauce and presented the product as new snack exactly on the eve of New, 1919 - go, years. And the main counter - the name. The dish the cook called “To chauvinism and Decline - Boycott and the Anathema“, in abbreviated form - “Sh. U. B. A.“ The dish went with a bang, quickly became popular and extended in other taverns. Visitors with pleasure had a snack on unusual salad, got drunk less and fought. As it was required to the owner of a network of institutions.

Perhaps, in that difficult year did not celebrate New year at all, but any legend has property to embellish events.

In the next years Bogomilov and Prokoptsev`s names disappeared, transformed an abbreviation of “Sh. U. B. A.“ in the people to “Herring under a fur coat“, and the dish continued the life, acquiring new ingredients and even changing names: “Herring in a new fur coat“, “Herring under an easy fur coat“, “Herring in a coat“, “Herring in a sheepskin coat“ and so on …