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You like to take a shower? We go to choose a shower cabin of

As it is correct to choose a shower cabin in a bathroom? First of all, it is necessary to be defined whether the big cabin is necessary to you, or will be a so-called shower corner enough. The shower cabin is the closed monolithic boxing with a roof and four walls. There is, of course, also a facilitated option - without roof. the Shower cabin can be established to

in any the place of a bathroom convenient for this purpose if only there was enough place.

Well, and the shower corner is just two easy partitions which edges are densely pressed to the walls revetted with a tile. Such design is established in a bathroom corner. That drops of water did not splash the room, joints of walls of a shower cabin condense and pressurize.

It is possible to establish the simplified design of a shower cabin for a small bathroom. Of course, if in it there is a suitable niche. It is so-called economic option - the shower panel representing one special door, the pallet and the shower mixer.

As for shower mixers, they usually are included in the standard package of any cabin. Expensive models can have two shower nozzles: one fastens from above (it is a cascade shower), another - a usual manual shower. Here it is convenient to use thermostatic mixers which level pressure jumps of water in pipes and its temperature when the crane of hot water in kitchen turns on.

How it is correct to choose an inexpensive and qualitative shower cabin? Let`s consider elements of its design.

Walls of the cheapest shower cabins do of the glass or plastic expensive - from the tempered glass up to 8 mm thick. Inexpensive acrylic walls become muddy after two years of operation. Glasses of walls of shower cabins can be opaque, transparent, tinted, color and even decorated by drawing.

Choosing a shower cabin, keep in mind that on tinted glasses fingerprints are very noticeable, and the more in it deepenings and the acting parts, the it is more difficult to clean and wash such cabin. Glass walls can be processed anti-mud (it still call anti-drop) by a covering. About half a year of a drop of water on such walls will not leave spots. Then such covering can be put anew.

Doors for shower corners and cabins do sliding, oar, folding and retractable. Everyone can choose the most convenient for its bathroom. In small doors - accordions or two-fold oar which open inside best of all will approach. In service of a shower cabin the most practical doors are oar as in use “a purity lodge“ from time to time it should be washed and cleaned.

By the way, at the choice of a shower cabin attentively examine its framework. Unstable will hardly long serve therefore the framework is better to choose rather rigid. It is worth paying attention also to reliability of mobile mechanisms of sliding doors. Well and, of course, all metal details of a shower cabin have to be reliably protected from corrosion.

It is useful not to be too lazy and sniff at a shower cabin also. The unpleasant chemical smell has to guard you.

Shower cabins and corners can be delivered complete with the pallet. The pallet can be manufactured of different materials, but the most important - that it was steady (did not walk under legs). The acrylic pallets reinforced by fiber glass fabric are elegant and inexpensive, however they are sensitive to different mechanical damages. It is impossible to wash them with the washing substances which contain abrasive substances - acryle will quickly become covered by cracks, will lose gloss and over time will become dim - yellow.

Shower pallets from artificial molding marble are deprived of these shortcomings, but are more expensive.

The pig-iron enameled and steel shower pallets are eco-friendly and strong. However bare feet it is not really pleasant to stand on them - too cold. Besides, they are “noisy“. To reduce this shortcoming, in a bottom of the pallet stack a layer of sound-proof material.

The important characteristic of the shower pallet - its depth. It varies from several centimeters to 25 and more. In the deep pallet it is possible not only to wash, but also to popleskatsya.

Models of shower cabins business - a class are equipped with systems of a hydromassage. It is such high, in human height, a rack with the nozzles spraying water with a certain frequency and intensity. There is an additional equipment of this kind for a hydromassage of a waist, neck and legs.

Offer those who loves the Russian bath the shower cabins equipped with steam generators. They give to the closed shower block of couples heated to 50 °. Well, and the most “abrupt“ shower cabins have touch screens, illumination, steam nozzles for an aromatherapy, a radio telephone and other interesting options.

Wide choice. For every taste and prosperity.