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Floor covering in the apartment. How to make a choice?

For those who plan repair, the choice of a floor covering to the apartment - a way to show the imagination and to be engaged in creativity. At the same time here will be required and which - what knowledge. How to choose a floor covering to connect a practical component and decorative function of a floor? Let`s tell about it.

the General approach to the choice of a floor covering for the apartment one: floors in all rooms have to be beautiful, comfortable, wearproof and are unpretentious in leaving. Let`s list main types of floor coverings.

the Natural parquet and a parquet board

the Parquet floor is beautiful and prestigious

, however demands careful leaving. Besides such floor covering is rather whimsical - from moisture razmokat, from dryness cracks and begins to creak therefore needs periodic repair - scraping and a covering wax or is delicious. Besides, process of laying and adjustment of a parquet demands a lot of time and the good master. And a parquet - material not from cheap.

The parquet board is considered quite good alternative to a natural parquet. A floor covering in the apartment from a parquet board reliable, strong and simple in laying. Material has multilayered structure. The basis do of fir-tree or pine plywood, the center - of glued wood or DVP, a front (top) layer - of the thin boards covered with an interline interval of valuable breeds of a tree. As a rule, the modern parquet board is trimmed by a varnish, wax and oil. That is the choice of a parquet board as a floor covering for the apartment is good the fact that it bought it, established and forgot.

However, there is everything - one moment which should be considered. The matter is that surface of a parquet board absolutely not moisture resistant. The water which got on it quickly will spoil a floor covering. To clean this shortcoming, the parquet board is covered with special structure which is regularly required to be updated.

the Laminate

If a parquet board and furthermore the parquet, is too expensive for you then illusion of a natural wooden floor can be created, having covered it with a laminate. This material, as well as parquet board, multilayered. The lower layer (balance weight) is the paper impregnated with paraffin or pitches, the center - HDF fiber board of high density, the top layer - the paper with drawing impregnated with melamine pitch with corundum addition.

Durability of such floor covering for the apartment depends on a way of production of material and to choose today demanded to you is from what. Distinguish the following methods of production of a laminate: two-stage pressing (CPL), direct pressing (DPL), direct pressing with Kraft - paper (CML), technology of the direct press (DPR).

As for the general operational characteristics, the laminate is carried to resistant and durable floor coverings which do not demand special leaving. At the same time, unfortunately, the laminate is afraid of moisture too. Its joints at hit of water begin to crumble. Besides, the laminate is extremely exacting to preparation of the basis for its laying. Difference on height in 3 mm on 1 sq.m of a surface can become the reason of a scratch of floors.

Linoleum and PVC - a tile

Discussing these categories of floor coverings for the apartment, It should be noted that the real linoleum is the material impregnated with natural pitches and oils. Other types of rolled coverings belong to synthetic materials. Their structure can be different. The made foam polyvinylchloride (PVC), polyester or felt is the cornerstone.

Scope of this floor covering depends on type of a substrate and a class of material. In particular, linoleum with felt or jute base best of all will be suitable for living rooms and a bedroom, and on the basis of PVC - for a bathroom and kitchen as it does not absorb water.

A vinyl tile - too idle time in installation and convenient material in operation for a floor covering. Its structure contains a moisture resistant basis and a sound-absorbing substrate. The tile is undemanding to quality of the basis and can be laid by own efforts on any surface. Vinyl tiles by means of a glue layer which is applied on their edges connect.

A parquet board, linoleum and a laminate know, probably, all. As for novelties of floor coverings, it is possible to mention landscape panels from ceramic tiles, finishing panels with a natural oak interline interval and the massive board varnished not here, and oil. The modern floorboard passes process of a brashirovaniye, as a result of its invoice is textured and clarified. It creates the volume and depth not only each board separately, but also all surface of a floor.

The choice of floor coverings for the apartment is difficult - the range so wide that sometimes it is difficult for consumer to be defined that it is better - a parquet, a laminate or linoleum. Each of these materials has both the advantages, and shortcomings. Making the choice, estimate whether this or that type of a covering suits the general style of your apartment or not.