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And how janitors should work?

the Winter as always came to country open spaces unexpectedly. Snow for which did not wait dropped out. On streets of the cities traffic jams, on the route “Moscow - St. Petersburg“ - a traffic standstill were formed. Municipal services report on number of the road equipment brought to fight against elements.

Citizens of the capital, having left an entrance of the house, in perplexity early in the morning: what busy janitors if snow is still not cleaned? Let`s approach a problem from the scientific point of view and we will study rules of cleaning of snow in the yards of the city of Moscow.

It is known that janitors have to clean the yards the capital. They, by the way, in documents housing and communal services are called workers of complex cleaning now. And so, all their activity is stated in the document under the name “Regulations of the Mechanized and Manual Cleaning“ which is developed in Department of housing and communal services of the city of Moscow.

We will walk on some of its points. It will be very useful to know a number of rules of cleaning of snow in the yards of the city of Moscow for residents of the capital. As it is written in Regulations, winter cleaning of domestic territories includes sweeping or moving of snow, “elimination of a skolzkost“ and removal of ice and snow educations. On this basis rules of the mechanized cleaning of snow were also developed and edited cleaning of the territory from snow manually.

Cleaning of the dropped-out snow should be begun in the morning with the territory at entrances. New-fallen snow if it is not condensed, is allowed to be swept with the broom. If thickness of its layer is higher than 2 cm, then it is shifted by means of a shovel - a cursor. Then workers of complex cleaning have to clean the next sidewalks. Snow from them moves to intra domestic drives to places of warehousing or moves in a prilotkovy zone of the carriageway. There he will be moved away rotors and tractors. On parkings snow is finished cleaning shovels manually.

Height of snowdrifts on domestic lawns should not exceed 80 centimeters. If snow lies above, it needs already to be taken out. The sidewalks covered with ice clean manually by means of the chopping-off devices. It is usual scrap with the axe welded on the end. Anything the best our nano - engineers for the present did not invent.

As for rules of cleaning of snow in the yards of the city of Moscow mechanical means, it is easy to count this equipment on fingers of one hand. This equipment is presented by means of small-scale mechanization - rotors (the truth, them it is rare when you see near houses), domestic tractors and import manipulators. The last in the yards it is much more convenient for cleaning of snow. Snow no more than 2 cm high cleans up the brush suspended on a tractor if above - that pluzhno - a brush snowplow.

It appears, it is forbidden to carry out cleaning of snow under windows of our houses from 23 to 7 o`clock. And if the shuffling with a scraper or a shovel or a tarakhteniye of the tractor motor was interrupted by your morning dream, safely complain to the Justice. The exception can be justified only very intensive snowfall.

Edited cleaning of the territory from snow manually order that janitors are obliged to clean a tiled or asphalt covering to the firm basis. And here in places where it crushed-stone or rubber, it is necessary to clean snow so that there was its thin layer which then is required to be condensed. Here so, and not less. Therefore janitors of Moscow very much do not like to clean snow at playgrounds where a covering it.

How often janitors have to clean snow the yards? If there is a heavy snowfall (intensity of 2 cm/hour), then snow before an entrance and on adjacent sidewalks collecting it in a heap - 1 time a day has to move every 2-3 hour, and. At the same time one team of workers of complex cleaning has to clean continuously the intra domestic territory no more than 4 hours in a row.

It will be especially interesting to Muscovites to learn about use of deicing reagents. It is that chemistry which is scattered on sidewalks which spoils footwear and leaves indelible spots on clothes. It appears, it is possible to use deicing reagents (PGR) no more than for 30% of the territory of the yard and only on a hard coating. At the same time the stronger a frost, the more it is possible to pour this infection on the sidewalk, but no more than 200 g on 1 sq.m.

Well, and that the Moscow officials how they control quality of cleaning of snow from streets and the yards of the capital? They report to us that the special satellite system of tracking is for this purpose created. Thanks to it the joint dispatching service of department of housing and communal services of the government of Moscow in real time can control any movement of 12 thousand units of snow-removing equipment.

And residents of the capital? Here is how they estimated work of municipal services on cleaning of snow in the yards of the city of Moscow in the first weeks of winter:

• Perfectly - 9%;
• Well - 27%;
• Try - 15%;
• Badly - 37%;
• In any way - 12%.

Comments, as they say, are excessive.