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Where it is easier for Russian to receive residence permit?

Russia endures boom of immigration. For last 10 years abroad more than one million Russians moved to the PERMANENT RESIDENCE. Many explain the departure with discontent of the political management and an unstable economic situation, but the majority, nevertheless, seeks to go abroad to increase the level of the life. Let`s tell those who plan departure for the PERMANENT RESIDENCE where the easiest to receive residence permit?

It is the simplest to make it, having bought real estate. There are countries which provide to buyers of real estate a number of privileges, beginning from fast obtaining the Schengen visa and finishing granting nationality. Let`s give examples.


In this country the law with which in compliance to foreigners who acquired real estate here the residence permit will be given is adopted. However, there are some restrictions on the amount of investments. In particular, for such Latvian cities as Riga, Jelgava, Daugavpils, Liepaja, Rezekne, Valmiera and Ventspils, the minimum investments make - 140 thousand euros. For this sum it is possible to get the four-room apartment in the center of Riga. For other inhabited points - is twice less, i.e. 70 thousand euros. The residence permit in Latvia gives the chance to the owner of real estate to travel without visa around all Schengen area. And in 10 years he can obtain already citizenship of the European Union.


Recently the government of Spain declared that it will give to foreigners residence permits on condition of acquisition of housing by them a minimum of 160 thousand euros. It means that the foreigner who made similar investment automatically becomes the citizen of the European Union.

The United States of America

Those Russians who would like to leave on the PERMANENT RESIDENCE in the USA need to prepare 390 thousand euros. For this sum it is possible to buy the two-room apartment in New - York. To its owner the multi-visa for a period of five years will be issued. He can receive residence permit in the USA too. However, for this purpose he should live not less than six months here in a year for five years. Yes, and not to forget to confirm during this period to tax authorities the income.

Dominica (not to confuse to Dominican Republic)

On this island in the Caribbean Sea can receive residence permit most simply. The minimum investment makes 155 thousand euros. For this money it is quite possible to get the two-room house on the seashore. Nationality of this country is provided right after purchase of real estate. Having the passport of the citizen of Dominica it is possible to visit without visa many countries of Hugo - East Asia, South America, and also Ireland, Great Britain, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Sent - Keats and Nevis (one more island state in the Caribbean Sea)

the residence permit Received here allows to become the citizen of this country at once too. For this purpose it is not obligatory to live in the acquired apartment or a bungalow constantly at all. Will just own real estate within five years enough. - Keats and Nevis it is free to possibility of the citizen Sent to go on the world rather wide. To it it is allowed visa-free entry into the countries of the Schengen area, Great Britain, Switzerland, Canada, the Republic of South Africa, Japan, South Korea and New Zealand. And the extent of the minimum investment is equal to 233 thousand euros here. For this sum three-room to a bungalow on an ocean coast to you it is provided.

Costa - Ric

to receive residence permit in it it is central - the American state it is required to acquire real estate worth not less than 155 thousand euros. This sum can quite be enough for purchase of the three-room house on the coast. In ten years it is possible to apply for obtaining nationality Costa - Ricky. And with it - on receiving residence permit in Spain. The contract on the simplified migratory relations is signed with this country at Costa - Ricky.


the Minimum investment of 233 thousand euros allows to receive residence permit for a period of 5 years here. If during this time the real estate is not sold, then it is possible to apply for nationality. Citizens of Panama without visas can visit the states of the Schengen area and almost all countries of Latin America. By the way, for this money in Panama it is quite possible to buy the two-room apartment in the capital overlooking the sea.

Save money, the Lord!

Source: “Apartment as habitat“ www. kvartira - box. ru