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21. 12. 12. What for “zero in distance about a strip“?

Read article in which a lama from the monastery Gyandrek near Kailash, known as the Oracle of Shambhala, made the statement for NASA. Like, “practically on all Earth about 10 in the morning Moscow time 21. 12. 2012 there will come complete darkness and silence. There will be no light, electricity, communication and sounds“. There was a question. And not one. whether it Is real

? Prizadumaytes, there will be no sounds even! We read further: “The earth at this moment will pass through a galactic “zero strip“. This condition of space where it is extinguished and cannot extend any energy where there are no electromagnetic fields at all objects“.

Physics, what you are silent? Unless there is zero in distance about a strip? Whether it is possible that Earth will have no electromagnetic field?! It is possible in the nature? Some Brad. Well, thank God, calms “It is not necessary to be frightened and worry“.

Though in general, as you can see, already in similar messages there is an essential ease - not the doomsday will take place, and only there will be no electricity, sounds, the electromagnetic field... There is a wish to add: and, naturally, reason too. So, it turns out, in this to “a zero strip“ all of us will be mad? However, and what then to worry!

A week ago there was no electricity at office, despite it, classes were all the same given in astrology. Pupils joked: “To us, astrologers, the doomsday is not terrible! And by candlelight it is possible to conduct interesting conversations, to be engaged in something useful“. Pessimism notes! Obviously, it is necessary to be afraid of aching or dramatizing silly “chelovek“, especially more than those who broadcast to roles of the guru.

I will not understand, the lama from the monastery Gyandrek near Kailash has no TV? Nearly an every day show us “doomsday“, somewhere there is something, similar to it. Well, well, we will endure 21. 12. 12, we will also know what means - to pass through a galactic “zero strip“. Let`s become richer.

Heard, in some city began to sell a special set of objects for preparation for a doomsday and for stay on light after the end of “doomsday“. Entered it: a candle, a preparation from a headache, soap, a rope, a pack of buckwheat and a small bottle of vodka. Local authorities forbade to sell this set because at trading there was no license for sale of drugs and alcohol. It should be noted, very thought over set. Did not allow to grow rich. And why to them money when already nothing is?

However remember how many time already appeared a doomsday? Absolutely recent hysteria of 2000 was forgotten? It is, likely, training. That when the End really will come, to us there was already everything “to a bulb“.

It is necessary to remember that life - it such as we think of it. From - for fear itself can create personal “doomsday“ (an illness, accident …) to find confirmation to the fantastic fears.

Yes, it is not excluded that the mankind on the unreasonableness, can suit to arrogance itself a premature kontsovochka. We interfere with the Nature, we invent the weapon, extremely terrible on the power, incorrectly we belong to each other... Ourselves create the reality. The earth can be tired of us … I will not speak, attract. Earth has tools for our education: hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes …

remembers a joke.
Met two planets. One asks another:
- Well, how are you?
- I - that anything. And you?
- That is and - and, nothing good. On me people were brought … by

Or perhaps to someone and “on a hand“ “doomsday“. Someone is also glad that it is not necessary to repay debts, to do something, to bear responsibility. Someone will stand up for the rights, to prove the truth, forgetting that “God does not need your truth, he needs your commitment“.

East teachers say that it is necessary to live so that to be ready to die at any moment. And at the same time not to panic that was not in time something (and it is even worse -) to make a lot of things. Think what can be made for these several days. Perhaps to return something to someone, to make, execute promised? To forgive itself and others. To execute the dream. To make a declaration of love...

It is a high time to bring order. Because “the bag of subquality work“ which we involuntarily carry with ourselves takes away from us forces, spoils mood, relationship, self-confidence … “Throw out“ all claims. Facilitate the soul. Let 21. 12. 12 will become a point of bifurcation / transition to lighter life!