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Rights of children: where the juvenile justice conducts?

Even more often should be heard and read about juvenile justice and the rights of children. Children have to have courts, the social services, the legislation and so on. In total - for the sake of observance of the rights of children for the happy childhood. In total - for the sake of their protection from the slightest danger.

I in it the logic is: in our world chaotic and really full of various dangers there is a wish to protect children. They such small. Such defenseless. And the juvenile justice offers the real board protecting and saving them from cruelty of the world.

Rather fluently to thumb through the Internet - the publications devoted to children and hair bristle. Awful articles about mothers - the suicides who are jumping out of windows with children in hands. Terrible articles about mockeries at children from parents - put the child in a pan with the boiling water, without delicacy just roasted on a plate, and even beat to death. Dreadful articles about schools - mockeries of teachers at pupils, the psychological pressure upon unfortunate children, insults from - for elementary mistakes.

Sometimes it seems that all scoff at children. Unfortunate children are pariahs of the modern world. Nobody does not care about them - to neither parents, nor school. But there is still a juvenile justice which safely works in many countries, protecting children, allowing them to develop freely, providing the happy childhood. And whether it is time for us, such backward, to accept at last in full magnificent western experiment on protection of children? Especially as children have rights - they people, small too, but the person!

For example, right for information. By the way, within this right of children for information at schools it is already introduced and safely sexual education works. That is the special lessons devoted to education in the field of the sexual relations are available (not to confuse to the relations of floors!) . And children are formed … And as it is successful! Now girls of 12 - 13 years on annual medical examination finish the doctor that it did not divulge terrible secret at all: she is still a virgin! It appears, in the modern world it is already indecent - to keep virginity at such age, and girls who were not lucky to get real sexual experience, think out it, telling girlfriends that they - already …

In the USSR the right for information at children was not, especially - on information of the sexual plan. As a matter of fact, in the USSR in general sex was not. Even it is surprising how people married, married and gave birth to children. At total absence of sex. Or nevertheless sex was, but only was not advertized, and? But in those days was indecent if the girl of 12 - 13 years already has sexual experience. It was - state of emergency! Now - everything is all right things, and state of emergency - just lack of this experience. And it is valid: condoms are on sale at every turn, the corresponding lessons at school are conducted, so why there is no experience? Means, with the child something not as it should be! Here also persuade doctors that those kept “awful shameful“ secret.

By the way, it not only our so educated children. Similar consequences from the same right for information are observed also in other countries. Especially brightly these consequences look where the juvenile justice (together with the right of children for information) works for a long time. For example, England safely holds teenage pregnancy championship. Moreover, the state supports young mothers: the schoolgirl who gave birth to the child has the right for welfare payment and even to receiving own housing. And as! The rights of children need to be observed. However, it is not quite clear about what children in this case there is a speech: whether about those which give birth, whether about those who are given birth by other children … On this background our sexually educated children somehow turn pale - ours - that state will not pay contents on the child (at least, in that volume that this child really could be supported).

But sexual education is fine. Eventually, the world is big, and in it there are not only beds. Children receive also quite good legal preparation now. It is already possible to hear from kids: “I will file a lawsuit against you!“ - if mother suddenly was honored to slap the child on a bottom. And really can give! And mother long should be washed then from charges of ill treatment of the child, explaining that the slap on a bottom was connected with the fact that the child played with matches. By the way, if to conform to requirements of juvenile justice, then the child can play both with matches, and with knives, and with anything - it is not the basis to slap him on a bottom. As a matter of fact, from this point of view there are no bases at all to slap the child. Moreover, he cannot even be abused - in juvenile justice there are concepts not only about a physical abuse, but also about psychological. And the requirement to collect toys if the child is adjusted to watch animated films at this time can be psychological violence anything, even.

By the way, within juvenile justice also withdrawal of the child from a family is provided if in this family the child is exposed to physical and/or psychological abuse. Or in case of insufficient supervision for the child. Remembering own childhood, I think that then had to take away children from parents in large quantities - if used this most juvenile justice. We absolutely uncontrolledly played in the yards, filled bruises and cones, eternally went covered with brilliant green, bandaged or pasted over with plasters (especially advanced got a plaster - it was deficiency). And sometimes we could even be slapped prinarodno (for example, for the disrespectful word or even for refusal to go home right now and immediately, having left the left unfinished kulichik in a sandbox) - from the point of view of juvenile justice it is the real nightmare, physical and psychological abuse at the same time, the public humiliation destroying children`s mentality. And as soon as our mentality escaped in these extreme conditions? I will not apply mind … our right for information was violated by

A in the most rough way. About sex generally we were forced to learn from more advanced companions on games or at school lessons of biology (on the example of the theory of Darwin or at calculation of recessive genes). The picture with the naked person is in the textbook of anatomy, people “in a section“. Well or pictures of classics. For example, Rubens or Leonardo da Vinci - at esthetics lessons.

When sexual education only progressed to school school desks, was talk that it is bad that children are forced to learn about sex literally in gates much. They there that are aky can learn! Well absolutely improper for children`s gentle mentality! And it sounded reasonably. Here only small nuance: receiving data “from a gate“, we knew that it - is bad, at least, for our age. And receiving data at school, from the teacher, present children know that it - in the nature of things that it - it is good and correct. As a result - problems with teenage pregnancy and general teenage sex.

And even earlier children did not know that it is possible to file a lawsuit against the parents who are roughly striking the children`s rights. For example, punishing for poor progress or truancies of occupations. Or forcing to attend music school. Or forbidding to communicate with “improper“ acquaintances. In the western countries the juvenile justice reaches to the point of absurdity - from the point of view of the normal, not spoiled by the similar legislation person: there can withdraw the child from a family in case parents forbid it to use drugs, it is considered that thus the right of the child for self-determination is violated. And legally educated children ask for the help bodies of juvenile justice, and they, being on guards of the happy childhood, very quickly react, punishing parents.

Making use of experience of the “developed countries“ practicing juvenile justice it is possible to predict where also fight for the rights of the child will bring us. Which - that can already be observed, but it so far - first signs. Which can go jambs. Or packs.

Teenage sex. Teenage pregnancy. Teenage drug addiction, alcoholism. Uncontrollability of children and teenagers - due to lack of punishment (adults cannot punish children, being under an eternal hammer of juvenile justice, the child easily can take away, deprive of the parental rights and so on). Creation of criminal children`s groups. Sharp growth of children`s crime. Sharp decrease in education level. Mass cultivation of infantile people (children have to nothing, but parents - that are obliged to carry out all their desires!). Decrease in birth rate (the economy already has no, but if also to connect juvenile justice, then will be just afraid to give birth to children - in each house according to Pavlik Morozov!). And so on.

The forecast appears very sad. And the annoying that it follows from such beautiful thesis as protection of the rights of children. Children so want to be protected. Such defenseless, such suffering … But whether other slogan is required subsequently? Something it seems: “Let`s protect adults from children!“