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What to warm the apartment with?

are the Come winter not an occasion to freeze also at home. If weather conditions changed and low temperatures with winds and high humidity came, then time to get a modern heater which will come to the rescue of a central heating came. In shop of electrogoods we will be surprised to a variety of such devices. What electric convector to choose for heating of the house?

Electric convectors succeeded a ceramic heater like “Breeze“. It blew in the room warm air by means of the fan. The main lack of such electric heating device is that it dries air and strongly rustles.

Modern electric convectors, despite the similar principle of work, are deprived of this shortcoming. They are reliable, economic and very comfortable in the house. The main thing in electric convectors is the heating element. He is three types: needle, tubular and monolithic.

The converter with a needle heating element possesses small thermal inertia, that is can strongly heat up and quickly cool down. It has no protection against hit of water on a chromonickel heating thread and therefore it cannot be used in damp rooms, for example, in a bathroom.

In a tubular heating element the nikhromovy thread is placed in a steel tube and filled up with ceramic and quartz sand. The thermolysis at such electric convector occurs is longer and evenly.

The monolithic heating element represents tselnolity the orebryonny aluminum case in which the nikhromovy thread is placed. Such convector is safest for the house as its outside edges will strongly not heat up. At the same time intermediate heatlosses at it are minimum.

How the household electric convector chosen for the house works? It takes away the cold air which is in the bottom of the room, passes it through a heating element and by means of the fan pushes out up, through lattice blinds, already heated. In some models the direction of a stream of warm air can be regulated. Thermal radiation at the same time not aggressive, but fast and soft. Electric convectors can be also without fan. Then air warming up indoors happens in the natural way.

Choosing the electric convector for the house, it is worth getting acquainted with the mode of its work and range of adjustment of temperatures. Most often it makes 6-30 °. As for an operating mode of the convector, usually it is the “economic“ mode, i.e. with periodic shutdown, and “automatic“ which is adjusted according to a certain program. There is also mode of “anti-freezing“ when temperature, for example, in not heated glazed loggia steadily is supported in the winter at the level of 3-5 °; the comfort mode (20-23 °) and the mode “express heating“ when it is required to heat the room quickly.

The thermostat operates an operating mode of the electric convector. Distinguish mechanical devices which maintain air temperature in the house at the constant level and those which do it according to the program defined, set in advance are regulated manually, and. For example, it is possible to set heating parameters at certain o`clock and even days of week.

On appearance electric convectors are very various and to choose suitable for the house will be not difficult. Will offer you floor and wall units. Plintusny and channel convectors which can be hidden in vnutripolny space are very convenient. There are also electric convectors which fasten under a window sill. It is very practical as through windows there are main heatlosses in the house. Modern models of convectors have insignificant thickness, they will fit into any situation. From the point of view of design convectors - “chameleons“ capable to accept the color prevailing indoors are most interesting.

All electric convectors presented at the domestic market are available at cost to overwhelming number of citizens. Price range at them makes from 1700 to 3500 rubles. At consumers the models of low power equipped with the mechanical thermostat enjoy the greatest popularity. For the apartment such electric convector - option ideal.