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New year: to give or not to give and if to give, what?.

Soon New year, and in all growth rise a question of gifts. What to give to who to give and in general - whether should give? Let`s begin with the last: whether it is worth giving gifts for New year?

As a matter of fact, New year is not birthday, not international female / man`s / maternal and so on day. The tradition orders a New Year tree, toys, crackers, fireworks. New Year`s table. New Year`s “Spark“, eventually.

So, apparently, it is possible to do also without gifts. Especially as it is a holiday for all, and there is no one group which would have to present another (as, for example, in a case with the International Women`s Day, or birthday - a holiday of one person which is given gifts). But it appears, the vast majority of people categorically against such approach. They wish to have a holiday at full scale: both fir-tree, and crackers, and exchange of gifts! Survey which was conducted by the dating site eDarling showed that 85% of women and 75% of men count that New Year`s gifts all - will be. So if you want a full-fledged holiday, it is necessary to attend to acquisition of gifts.

To whom to give, already clear. All! New year - a holiday the general, and all have the right to gifts: adults and children, men and women, pets, balcony eagles and room lions. Nobody has to be left without gift. However, before to present, it is worth thinking: whether will please the recipient`s gift? For example, if you decided to present to a favourite cat on the occasion of New year a collar with hand bells, be sure - she will use the best efforts, up to break of own wool if only to get rid of such surprise. And here the meat cake will be very much even by the way. It is also quite good to think also of the close relatives surrounding the recipient of a gift: for example, my son still remembers a huge drum which I presented it for New year when it was small. Unfortunately, this drum is quite often remembered also by other family members, and, alas, not the kind word.

You should not give also something utilitarian, as they say, “necessary in economy“. It is unlikely the beloved will be fascinated by the vacuum cleaner. No, such gift, of course, is necessary by the way (especially if in the house there is no vacuum cleaner or it already old), but nevertheless there is a wish for something more festive, fantastic, unusual. Of the coming year we are inclined to wait unusual, new - new pleasures, happiness, changes to the best. And if all of you decided on the vacuum cleaner, then it is desirable to add to it still something, more corresponding to spirit of a holiday.

The New Year`s gift not necessarily has to be big and expensive. The question of the price is especially actual if it is about a meeting of New year in the big company, all family: when it is necessary to buy gifts for ten - another of people, you prizadumatsya necessarily about finance (if, of course, you not the oligarch - the petroleum producer). But even the trifle (like a magnetic on the refrigerator) is capable to please the recipient, in New Year`s gifts the fact of receiving a gift, attention which is paid to his recipient is more appreciated.

The website eDarling shared the list of New Year`s gifts which, according to poll, were most remembered to recipients:
- a basket with fresh wild strawberry;
- the real syringe (the addressee of a gift was then 5 years old, and she dreamed to become a doctor) - alas, modern realities are that that now very few people will present to the child the real syringe, remembering the real revelry of drug addiction;
- the girl who tied up herself a bow;
- dry wine from Italy from the uncle during the Prohibition;
- the desire written on a piece of paper and hidden in a small roll (the roll was eaten together with a piece of paper, and the addressee of a gift learned about existence of a surprise already later when the gift safely was digested);
- a box of chewing gum;
- a parrot;
- news of the fast birth of the grandson;
- a box of oranges;
- the toy gun and a chocolate “Alenka“ - this gift was given the little girl and was the embodiment of her dream of that time.

As you can see, in this list there is nothing expensive (unless wild strawberry). But to recipients these gifts were remembered. To someone the surprise sank down in memory (the girl with a bow!) to someone - execution of desire (the toy gun, the syringe, dry wine), someone was impressed with quantity (a box of oranges). A cost minimum at an effect maximum.

Poll revealed one more interesting regularity. It appears, people like self-made gifts: 78% of the interrogated men and 80% of women declared that they prefer the gifts made with own hands. The majority interrogated even specially was emphasized that to receive the gift made with own hands it is more pleasant, than the gift acquired in shop even if also the road. Unfortunately, generally people prefer to get gifts in shops (more than 80% of respondents), and own hands for production of gifts remained unless with children (and that not with all).

And New year is closer and closer. Also it is time to begin preparation of gifts already. Or to do them by own hands, or to buy in shops. Hurry up until more provident citizens bought up all toy guns and bows for girls!