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Children? Of course, to Bulgaria!

All of us with you in a varying degree parents, and a question as well as where to take out the child for the summer from the stone jungle of megalopolises, anyway concern each of us.

Of course, the choice of the resort depends on age of the child, but in general - answers to what questions we most often look for?

What is the time occupies flight whether it will be tiresome to me with the child? How far there is an airport from my hotel? What beach? To us sand … And it is deep in the sea at once? What to do to me and to whom to run if the child, God forbid, gets sick? What with weather in June (July, August)? And than me small to feed, it is whimsical? How to entertain the child? Very quickly everything bothers them, and everything does not become interesting?

At once we will tell that the ideal vacation spot does not happen. There can always be any irritating factors, but Bulgaria, perhaps, one of the few countries which can brag of almost ideal set of the conditions necessary for children`s rest.

We will begin with natural factors. Through all country there passes the ridge of a massif Stara Planina which creates a unique microclimate on all Black Sea coast of the country. In Bulgaria it is not so suffocating hot as, say, in Turkey. Occasionally cloudlets run, and there are in the summer summer rains which are very useful in hot weather.

Magnificent beaches are that it is necessary to your child. Small sand, smooth calling the sea, and long enough it is not deep. There are practically no stones and if yours dithat is not able to float, to it will lap quite comfortably on shoal under your supervision.

All beaches in Bulgaria are specially equipped for vacationers, presence of rescuers who really are present is obligatory and really rescue. However, they - municipal. It means that all plank beds and umbrellas paid. But nobody to you will forbid to lie on sand on own mat (it is not necessary to carry with itself at all, in any bench you will be able to buy all necessary at reasonable price) under an own umbrella.

From the point of view of “zelenost“ resorts of the coast differ from each other. Solar coast, Ravda and Nessebar slightly “lysovata“. But there it will be interesting to children is more senior. Just there is an aquapark and all resort razvlekalochka. Though, to be fair, it is necessary to notice that territories of many hotels quite to themselves are planted trees and shrubs properly. As a rule, all hotels, even so-called city, have the pool with an obligatory “children`s“ zone.

We look for deeper shady place? Then it is Albena, St. Konstantin and Elena.

Almost all Bulgarians understand in Russian. You will not meet any difficulties in communication. Especially in medical institutions where there are always Russian-speaking personnel.

The kitchen is very close to ours. The child will always be what to feed. Portions in public catering points huge, consider it, ordering a dish. Quite perhaps, one portion for two with the child will be enough for you. Dishes are present both the European, and ethnic cuisine.

Decided to stop in apartments and to prepare independently? Too any difficulties. You will find a set of products habitual to us in shops: from myusly and cottage cheeses to juice and squashes - mashed potatoes. Special words are deserved by fruit. Here they tasty also smell as it is necessary, fruit, but not chemistry! Council only here - avoid “tourist“ tracks in search of livelihood. The prices will be strongly overstated, especially during a season. One of the most democratic options is the network of the Youth supermarkets where with pleasure Bulgarians buy products.

And most important! Flight from Moscow takes only 2,5 hours - will sustain both the smallest, and the most whimsical. Even grandmothers most likely will not object if you send them to have a rest with grandsons.

Depending on the chosen resort your airport of destination will be or Varna (for the resorts of Balchik, St. Konstantin and Elena, Gold dust, the Sunny day, Albena, Byala), or Bourgas (for the resorts of Sozopol, Pomoriye, Ravda, Nessebar, the Solar coast, St. Vlas, Elenite). The transfer from the airport to the most distant hotel will not last more than an hour.

In Bulgaria is what to look at. Maybe, also you should not drag the smallest with yourself on tiresome especially during a hot time of excursion, but to children will be more senior very much even interesting to see Cape Kaliakra where there was a great fight of the Russian flotilla under the leadership of the admiral Ushakov several centuries ago, the famous Shipka nice for a victory of the Russian weapon, or the ancient capital of the Bulgarian kingdom - It is big Tyrnovo.

Choosing the vacation spot with children, you do not ignore the remarkable country of Bulgaria. At your service quite decent hotel base, worthy service, very benevolent people and the tender sea with magnificent beaches.