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Doomsday? It is temporary!

So, on the agenda the most important event of this week - on December 21, 2012 years and the “doomsday“ connected with this date. Could not keep to stating the point of view about it. There was a wish to write briefly, but the whole treatise turned out. Oh, this Jupiter with Lilith in Twins.

That only do not predict on December 21, 2012 : both Earth turned inside out, and passing of Earth through a zero point of a galaxy (it is interesting how they found it and calculated?) and immersion of Earth in darkness for several days. About the last it is written on behalf of Dalai Lama who, judging by the official statement on November 29, at all has no relation to this forecast, and moreover - rejects the phenomenon and does not trust predictions.

What in general it is “doomsday“? This concept is connected with different events - global war, accident of universal scale (to which refer climatic changes, global warming, change of poles, falling of asteroids etc.) and also world epidemic. And all similar events take place for a long time.

We will begin with global wars - wars for natural resources and domination in the world. An active initiator of these wars are the USA which is eager for domination over all countries (Russia is especially attractive to them), allegedly supporting freedom and democracy. There is even such joke: “You have no democracy, but there is oil? Then we fly to you! U.S. Air Force“. By the way, the forecast for the USA now not especially optimistical. Falling of the whole systems in the countries which are under astral management of Twins is probable. So everything that they “seeded in this world, can return to them“.

Climatic changes from - for active interventions of the person in the nature happen long ago. Deforestation, the wrong storage of oil products and as a result - oil spill in oceans, the seas, the rivers, pollution of the planet in general and many other things that cannot but lead to sad consequences and environmental disasters. Figuratively speaking Earth has nothing to breathe, it begins “to sneeze“ in the form of earthquakes, vulkanoizverzheniye and to be cleared actively by means of typhoons, floods etc. by

2010 was Very remarkable. Here I will provide the following theses:

2010 became record for the last three decades by the number of the victims of natural disasters. An earthquake to Haiti (222570 people died), an abnormal summer heat in the territory of the European part of Russia (15 thousand people died), a flood in Pakistan (1980 people died) and other countries.

According to calculations, economic losses worldwide from natural and technogenic disasters made 222 billion dollars in 2010, is almost three times more in comparison with 2009 - then this figure made 63 billion. 260 thousand people died in these accidents - such number of the victims was not observed since 1976. In previous, 2009 the number of the victims made 15 thousand, i.e. is 17 times less.

BP needs to thank for accidents (a heat and floods) of 2010, the British oil company. Till May, 2001 the company carried the name British Petroleum, subsequently - Beyond petroleum. In 2010 accident on their oil platform served as the prevention to the whole world about what will be. And that people did not understand this and did not comprehend - whose it is difficulties now?“

2012 is rich with events too, to take at least some of them: the flood in Krymsk which claimed the lives of thousands of people, shutdown of electricity and water supply in Belarus, in Mazyr and
the Mazyr district (whether it is a doomsday?) . And in the world the last event on December 4 - a typhoon on Philippines, which victims of steel 5. 5 million people

About world epidemics and there is nothing to speak: it is available horrible diseases which conduct to mass death, both animals, and people. These are viruses, various flu under the name of animals and birds etc. of

Frankly speaking, unclear to whom this mass hysteria called by “doomsday“ is favorable . To politicians of the countries which in every possible way want to rumple an economic crisis? To “false prophets“ who want “to advertize“ the name? To whom else? And, to sellers of pasta, canned food, candles, matches, salt? They “will precisely be welded on“ on general madness and will be, quietly laughing, to reap the fruits.

By the way, many grandmothers already “stocked up“ on all necessary for “doomsday“, and my many acquaintances seriously for December 21 planned to celebrate this event with grandiose scope: bought champagne, plan to note all family that if to die, then to die together. “Both laughter, and sin“.

But, coming back to stars, on December 21 after a lunch will be 9 - y lunar day which is fraught for all libations and celebrations. It is better to devote this day to reflections, meditation, prayers, clarifications etc. (to whom that is close). It will not be worse from it, and to soul before “doomsday“ will be quieter). It is possible to celebrate “doomsday“ next day after a lunch - it will be 10 - y lunar day which is very good for all family affairs.

One more good day for prayers - on December 19 after a lunch especially as at the same time the Moon will be in Fishes . This day it is worth addressing the Highest forces with a prayer and to ask that it is necessary for you (naturally not to the detriment of other people). Well think over words as everything told subsequently can come true because day is connected with magic of the word.

What else new in heaven? Uranium everything is also in a quadrature to Pluto . Pluto is a volcanic energy. Uranium - explosions. As the fact - seismological activity in the Valley of geysers, one of wonders of the world. Also other explosive situations are not excluded. It concerns policy, unexpected reforms, falling of the whole systems in the world.

Well and finally. The Uranium quadrature with Pluto (Uranium is responsible for electricity) is actually fraught with energy shutdown, short circuits, burn-out. Try to replace all outdated electric devices and wires and take care of fire protection, and that in New year can really come “doomsday“. It is necessary to go outside towards to petards - the flying stars which if get into the head, can cause “doomsday“ already in brains.

Here on this optimistical note we will stop. Good luck to you and favorable arrangement of planets!