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Whether it is possible to call the modern TV the TV? The future of technologies

Once the TV was esteemed by the main decoration of a New Year`s table (according to the mail carrier Pechkina). Nowadays television receiver is called “zombie-box“ and are proud of the fact that it, the TV, do not watch. However, if to go deep into a question essence? it will turn out that the TV is not guilty of anything. It shows only what on it is broadcast. And the choice of video content remains for us. I Admit to

, I was ready to bury TVs recently. On the one hand, because I was captured by “proyektoromaniya“, with another - I was struck by multi-billion losses of producers of “boxes“: Sharp lost in 2012 5 billion dollars on production of ZhK and plasma, Panasonic - is twice more.

However there is a category of people which TVs love. For example, my parents. I also presented them the new TV. In principle, usual ZhK - the panel (let and with LED illumination, LED). But there is one small “but“. It “but“ settled down on the lateral panel and represented USB - the socket. For USB sticks and hard drives. And from these connected carriers the TV ate practically all popular video formats! Including the container mkv, into which it is packed, perhaps, 99% of movies in HD - permission on torrents. And what else is necessary for happiness? And not only movies, but also series, transfers …

Ordinary “zombie-box“ appeared absolutely in other light. At least because the television at us is awful also in technical parameters. It is analog. And it is not capable to give the qualitative picture even on the screen with the permission 720r (1280õ720 pixels). What to tell about Full - HD (1920x1080). As a result on good displays the poor picture from Ostankino looks even worse, than on old thick “boxes“!

But an opportunity to connect different media carriers and to start movies in high quality realizes the potential of new TVs to the full extent. As a result actually the television as content source, passes into the background. And now question. And whether it is worth calling the TV “TV“? The removable carrier (or, for example, the laptop with HDMI - a cable) becomes the main source of content. At first sight, what business to the name of a subject? But here the name can just change an essence of the device and its perception in society.

The television is what to you will be shown. The viewer is passive and deprived of civil rights. I sweep aside offers “cut down the zombie-box“ as unreal. What to do in the winter evening at a frost in minus twenty? Find ten entertainments! But replacement of an uncontrollable source of a signal on own - here it, revolution. I watch what I consider it necessary.

However, content it is necessary from where - to take that. And not necessarily it has to be free. Sooner or later torrents will cover. But that is why our shops still persistently sell DVD? Well still here BLU - ray disks, for nothing to nobody necessary. Why not to put something like the ATM where it will be possible to pay the movie and to download it on a flash card? Certainly, it is ideal to get it on the Internet, but the wide channel in a network is available not to all yet. So in the small Russian cities such scheme quite would go.

What as a result? TVs I started to respect again. They turned into uniform media combines which will already do without any additional devices for display of what you want to see soon. And there and to interactive television nearby. However, it is already other history.