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To be a donor or not?

In the 21st century people characterize themselves not in the best way. They seem double-faced, haughty egoists. And often, they accept only what they are given on a silver platter with a kayomochka. But nevertheless, our life is not so fine as it seems to them as many people need though small attention and support, a small look, the word of this or that person, - bit you, and indifference, as we know, not the best quality of the person.

The help - usual as the word which is consisting of six letters, but being of great importance for all world around, regardless for the person or an animal would seem. Unfortunately, presently most of people do not give it special value. To pass by, having ignored the lying person at a stop or a vagrant animal - a commonplace. We never think of that, as us something can expect similar.

You sometime thought of the fact that you can save to someone life? Is not present? It is a pity. In it there is nothing difficult, the main thing - desire. Only one desire to help can be a saving beacon of the sinking ship as everyone can appear in this ship.

The help to the person can be shown differently. In many cases everything depends on a situation. If you at least once think of it, then your life can become a little brighter even from one thought. It will give sense to your existence. The sense is that all of us, in some degree, brothers and sisters, and you are absolutely not very well familiar with the person or not, be it though by what everyone passed repeatedly. You know the main thing that you were necessary for it.

To writing of this article I was pushed by a recent case. Literally the other day I learned that two guys urgently need blood transfusion and as I dreamed to try as the donor for a long time, without reflecting, tried to learn everything about it. It turned out that everything is much simpler, than I thought. It is only necessary to find point of blood donation, and computer technologies simplify this search, further to pass inspection, and there already at an affirmative answer it is possible to give a part of, without demanding anything in exchange. When I learned that I not one, my pleasure was not a limit. Honestly, I was surprised to the fact that all of them, all of us do it for the good not only ourselves, but also others.

Let`s try to learn that such donorship? Donorship is a voluntary surrender of blood. After this blood it is transfused to the person to whom it is vital. Statistically, blood transfusion is done to one and a half million Russians annually. Practically, every third, at least once in life needs it. And a donor is the one who agreed to take voluntarily a blood test, to the people needing it. Who can become a donor? Any healthy person, aged from 18 till 50 years, the body weight which 50 kg exceed.

Blood donation plus, for the person who is the donor prevention of diseases warmly - vascular system and improvement of an emotional condition of the person is. To someone it can be important that for it also monetary encourage, but it seems to me, it is not the main criterion of blood donation. Minuses, of course, too are present, for example strict observance of a diet needs, also, to be allocated a certain amount of time for procedure and for rest after inclusive etc. But it is always worth remembering not what benefit from it to you, and that you can save life to the person.

Absolutely not for nothing, having taken a blood test, I felt in myself a certain simplification, happiness. I am sure that everyone can make himself a little happier, having made, in my opinion, a noble act. Only one desire costs very much. Do not waste time in vain, from it the advantage will not be to either you, or others.