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Inflation or whether it is bad when on notes there are a lot of zero is how evil?

All of us remember multithousand-percentage inflation of the beginning 90 - x, we remember how face values of the new notes which were issued bank quickly grew. We remember how directly money in the eyes depreciated... No, incorrectly told. Money in general“ depreciated not “. Quite concrete rubles turned into garbage.

Speak, something similar occurred in Yugoslavia when it began to break up. Inflation in Zimbabwe quite recently in general broke all records, having reached value of hundreds of millions of percent a year. In Germany after defeat in World War I the hyperinflation nearly destroyed the country...

Matter of course, inflation - the evil, and the hyperinflation - is much worse!

At the beginning of 90 - x I worked in Italy. Banknotes in Italy then began of 1000. They in 70 - e had years some sharp jump in prices, decline of lira and other pleasures. Gradually everything settled down. Just price tags changed. The smallest coin had the face value of 100 liras. Coins of smaller face value did not accept even coffee machines. For purchase of the ticket in the bus it was necessary to add two more coins on 100 liras to the note of 1000 liras.

In talk “for life“ we somehow concerned the subject “Why the Dollar Costs 1700 Liras and whether It Is Inconvenient?“. The answer of Italians was unanimous - not only is normal, but even in something and it is favorable. Two of my Italian acquaintances just then sat on a mortgage for svezhekuplenny apartments. They could pay off with debts as these debts quickly decreased in tens, and even hundreds of times very quickly. Quickly got used to new face values. The salary grew together with inflation.

Healthily and afflicted me, and bewilderment - “anyhow amused them?“. At that very moment in Russia everything occurred differently. And debts in rubles banks instantly renewed in currency, speaking some unclear to the mass of the population of the word not about “a swagger - a major“, not about “an incident bleach“... (and how they arrived with discordant, they - really meant “casus belli“). And salaries not just did not grow after inflation - their months did not pay, providing to workers to get out who as can. At the same time the salary paid a year later thanks to inflation, in exactly was enough for couple of snickerses.... Well - and so on.

... When I arrived to work to Turkey in 1999 - m to year, directly at the airport I easily and easy became a multimillionaire. Exchanged a piece of paper in 20 dollars and became the owner of the sum approximately of 20 000 000 Turkish liras. At new work I received two salary cards of local bank “Yapy - Kred“. One card was “lirovy“, on it the firm listed me a salary. On it I received even some percent. Alas, remaining on this account, my salary by the end of month strongly “grew thin“. For “solution“ my second card - currency, in dollars was given. Having received money in liras into the account of “a lirovy card“, I postponed that it intended to spend for operating costs for a month, and right there threw the rest on currency (as if “buying“ dollars). It was possible to shift in the same bank “accumulated in dollars“ from the currency account for a special fixed currency deposit, and then quite decent percent turned out.

The prices noticeably grew in shops from month to month. But to us it did not create problems, the salary was attached to dollar. So inflation in this case led only to the fact that every month on my card the new amount in Turkish liras was transferred.

Here with zero on notes was where as more abruptly, than in Italy. The smallest note was 500 000 liras, for purchase in a local supermarket it was required to lay out several millions. Even the trip in a minibus cost several thousand liras. For those one and a half years that I worked there, the price of a trip from the airport to the leased apartment grew from “approximately“ 5 000 000 liras to about 10 000 000 liras.

And the television quiz “How to become the millionaire“ on the Istanbul television was called “Who will win 500 000 000 000“. Very solid Turkish inflation was not oppression for Turks at all. They just coexisted. Inflation - in itself, they - in itself, agreeing on the plans with reality.

Here and leaves - if on notes costs many zero - it is not bad at all. In case these zero have no to a tendency to fast increase. Inflation - it, of course, is bad. And here result of inflation, zero on notes - not good and not angrily, and just the life fact. Of course - IMHO is strict.