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What is given to children for New year?

“Dear Father Frost. Heartily I wish you a Happy New Year. I wish you to be always healthy and not to receive silly letters. Present me, please, the card for reduction of price of “lego“ in Lego - shops. I very much ask you and I will thank. Say hello to the Snow Maiden. I go to school and music school. I have three brothers, the big apartment and kind parents“. This real letter of the little boy of 8 years.

O than only Father Frost`s children, some - shortly and efficiently do not ask, others - without having forgotten to congratulate Father and to inquire after about his health, the third - having reported on the progress for the reporting period.

For example, this year children ask: the game console, a doggie - Gough`s robot - Gough, PSP, the laptop, pleysteyshen - 3 for all family and a big red tractor for the brother... And there can be also such option: “Last year my brother Sergey told you the poem in SK recreation center. And this year we gather for the Kremlin fir-tree to Moscow. Perhaps, we will meet! I want for New year the tablet and a memory card. And my brother Seryozha wants 10 toys of Monsuno“ .

Father Frost is written even by adults: “The five on mathematics in a year at Maxim and the place in kindergarten for Margarita“ will be the best gift for me...

What is given to children for New year? Now, in a century of prompt development of gadgets, at average income parents even of doubts does not arise that the hi-tech gift is desirable. Children - school students still dream of status things, only to replace cameras, to cassette tape recorders and tetrises of last years smartphones, iPads and other achievements of engineering thought came. However at part of kids superdolls, cosmetics, radio-controlled cars are very demanded.

Useful gifts - skis, skates, rollers, a ball, the sledge - all - lost the former appeal when they were a rarity and pleasure during an era of scarce Soviet reality. There is a surprising paradox: how many pride, triumph and happiness happened to test that who managed to get, snatch, get during the time a valuable thing in quite severe conditions of fight for human existence. As Geklberri Fynn who told was right: “Only that and is pleasant that it is difficult to get“.

The developing toys for kids and younger school students will be apprehended with special enthusiasm when someone from parents is ready to join in joint process of cutting out, baking, assembly of model or dismantling of a puzzle directly after delivery of a gift. By the way, recently the mass of extremely entertaining and clever board games on any age which can be the real treasure for those members of household who appreciate a possibility of joint creative pastime was available for sale. Not without reason wise advertizing of sea cruise says: “The gift of year is to stay together“.

Parents experience special difficulties at the choice of gifts usually in two cases. In one of them toys and things are bought constantly according to the first or second requirement of the child, in another - when the child obviously deserved them. The possible reason and that, and other strategy are difficulties which parents experienced in the childhood in connection with gifts. Perhaps, them was very much - very little and the half-childhood left on a nourishing of dream of a certain toy or on management to the peer - the owner of a desired thing.

Here sad remark of one their present mothers: “I remember, mother always said that gifts - it is not important, important that dear visitors came and celebrated our name-day. When you are asked what to present, it is necessary to answer: what was invented? No gifts are necessary, you come also all“ . Another with regret remembers: “I awfully hesitated to visit for holidays because my gift was the most modest, the worst of all. And as I was indignant at mother that I could not be up with all to standard“ .

The parents who are carrying out everything whims of the child and buying to children of a thing at the first request bring up them as an idol of a family. One of fathers speaks about it so: “We so modestly lived that even did not come to my mind to ask about something for the parents. Let though the son will be glad to all. And then, if I try to refuse to it something, then he just begins to become hysterical. Why to me it? “

B other option day - densky busy parents fill up the child with toys and things that though somehow to compensate it a lack of heat and attention. One of the most sad consequences of such approach is that fact that at the parents not capable to put borders and to speak to the child “no“, the child is not able to estimate adequately own opportunities, does not feel safe and therefore it is very not self-assured. Immediately receiving all desirable, such children lose ability to rejoice to gifts. Also fantastic charm of New Year`s days disappears.

The second strategy of parents - when to the child make gifts in case he really deserved them, usually meets at exacting style of education (as the Cinderella) or at very limited budget of a family. And here it would be desirable to remind here that. According to definition, the gift is a thing which the donator at own will and gratuitously presents with the purpose to give pleasure to the recipient of a gift. The keyword here - is gratuitous . As the Owl told, “It is gratuitous - that is for nothing“. And what is handed for obedience for achievement of special progress and other, is a remuneration, that is encouragement and compensation of the spent efforts and time. The fee, a salary and a salary belong to the category of remuneration too. So it is about different things.

If in detsko - the parental relations there is a place only to awards, then there is a risk that process of education will be reduced to monetary - to trade interaction between generations. That it did not happen, it is necessary from time to time, being conformed with a purse size, to make to the child the real gifts. For anything, just like that. Because each of us is worthy in this life of the best just upon the birth. Just because we live on this Earth.