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Than the snake is good?

of the Dragon... It would seem what can be good in this vile heartless creation? Absolutely disgusting person. At first sight so in general cold worthless creation. But here a few weeks more (however if more precisely, one and a half months) - and everything long ago the fallen in love Drakoshechke is succeeded by it not attractive reptile.

But really this viper has nothing to brag? Let`s find advantages and in it.

The first what we pay attention to, is, perhaps, bright multi-colored figured “fur coat“. Being poured on the sun by the smooth, brilliant scales, snakes and fix to themselves an eye. Photoshop did not see before such contrast of flowers even. Even the biggest women of fashion can envy clothes of these beauties! By the way, those for whom the practicality is important will be able to get for themselves a stunning handbag from these most exotic scales. Such it is possible to find in shops of products from skin. However, such luxury will be not all on a pocket.

“And all?“ - you are indignant. Well that you. No, of course not! You only look how this beauty is bent! Its plasticity and flexibility should learn even to the most skilled dancers! It coils at the expense of the long, exclusively mobile backbone consisting of a huge number of small vertebras. Thanks to “guttaperchivost“ the snake does not stamp as the elephant, and, unlike other animals, can be absolutely silent and imperceptible. So to speak, it is not persuasive. Therefore the graceful person, especially remarkable the flexibility and restraint, will compare more reasonably not to a kitty now, and to a snake.

The dragon can call quite wise being also. On hunting or at attack threat she, of course, splashes poison, but will never make it without the prevention, stealthily. To the person it is easy to understand the prevention: the reptile begins to hiss terribly, at the same time doing the menacing attacks towards the enemy. And only if it does not work in any way, the viper decides on deadly fight. This remarkable property of its character is very useful because the person, having noticed similar danger, will manage or to neutralize a snake, or just in time to go away.

Well and, probably, the strangest (for me), and for some people the most extreme and fascinating is a juicy and nourishing meat of this reptile for lunch. Those who dared to try such wonder absolutely are not sorry about it, even on the contrary - the snake becomes a favourite dish. Many gourmets speak of it as about the most gentle and tasty meat which on taste reminds ordinary chicken. The use in food of such meat promotes immunity increase, promotes resistance to various viral diseases. Unfortunately, to regale, it is necessary to go, most likely, to rest to east countries as such exotic is not widespread among us.

Much snakes are undoubtedly good! It is possible to admire them in a terrarium, to admire tasty meat at skilled cooks, to remember their remarkable qualities in honor of the forthcoming year.

And if in new year to call you a snake - so it can be perceived as a compliment. Means, you both are beautiful, and are graceful, and are wise, and are talented. Yes there will be worthy also a year of the Snake!