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About love and not really.

Everything begins with love... Asadov, seems.
Gods, my Gods who told that he is not on light of right, eternal love! Yes will cut off to the liar his guilty language! For me the reader, I will show you such love... Bulgakov, precisely.
Which of us, clever, adult, prudently cynical, with a habitual Hollywood smile, type all o`ky, at least once in life had no this feeling? When Mothers, girlfriends, friends unanimously tverdyat:odumaysya! It does not cost you, it not our circle, and we zero attention. But on the first call are ready to follow his tastes because also Little Prince in the childhood read and about a heart voice we know everything, and the great feeling from Capital Letter in kindergarten to themselves was thought up... And all of us such tender, benevolent, timid, just shine from within.
However, is not easier for the stronger sex. Since the childhood inspire in them that it is necessary to be courageous, courageous... heroes, subjugators of spaces. And here, yesterday`s boys, having read Jack London with Fenimore Cooper, go to adulthood. And in the existing world, it is not a hero and not the leader Simenolov, it dependent, timid and weak. And she is, of course, a good woman, but the good woman and the good person not necessarily have to be combined in one personality, most often it is mutually exclusive concepts.
So that we have: the average hero, not less average heroine, and they have Lyubov.
you will not believe that the love can make with two most ordinary people... And here, it already soars over the guilty earth, and the knocking of heels on Arbat lanes sounds a melody. And it is capable to bring an armful of edelweisses, with own hand collected at top of Everest to her legs. And it is the hell fine. When they together, every second, every minute, each hour, every day is filled with deep, all-consuming meaning.
Ah if so was always! But, from where - that quarrelsome wives with a rolling pin and in hair curlers, the lazy and false husbands abandoned and to nobody the necessary children undertake... everything begins
A with love. Why then, often, so sadly everything comes to an end? And we prdolzhat to live, live out of love, out of happiness, in unfreedom, exchanging our, unique life for household trifles. Being afraid to release another and being afraid to change something in the life even more. It is impossible to change a situation without changing the attitude towards her.
did not bother?
Really does not grudge for you the, unique life, and you are ready to exchange it for small squabbles, quarrels, household disorders... Even on rage that large, and that is not enough for a fuse...
Can be we admit, at last, at least to ourselves that nobody except ourselves is guilty of our troubles, and we will stop being engaged in manilovism. And after all we will try though what in life to change that? Not since Monday, not since New Year, and even not tomorrow, and directly today, now... Let`s remember that when that was able to be loved, and we will learn to release. Or leaving - to leave. Let`s dare to rejoice to every day as when that in youth. And to love someone, we will learn to love ourselves for a start... you Remember
, dawn comes to those who saw darkness...