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Premature opening or plagiarism?

of Opening are noticed only when there is a need for them for a civilization or the possibility of their practical embodiment appears technical (in sense of materials).

1. The nuclear theory of matter in that look in what it was expressed by Democritus, was premature and, so, for those times fruitless as there were no practical means to prove or disprove it.

2. “A. Niyeps - A. Bekkerel“ in opening of the phenomenon of radioactivity I already wrote about opposition in the article “Who Opened the Radioactivity Phenomenon?“. In this regard there was a desire to look also at some other discoveries from positions of prematurity and plagiarism.

3. All russko - the German literature calls the author of discovery of unknown radiation from vacuum tubes of K. Rentgen, and radiation x-ray. The scientific world of other countries calls this radiation “X - beams“.

For example, since 1877, the associate professor of physics of University of Vienna Ivan Pulyuy (Ivan Pulyui), the Ukrainian by origin, designed and studied the cathodic radiation of vacuum tubes. He continued the researches after appointment of the Prague Polyequipment as professor and in 1886 noticed that the photographic plates sealed in a black package darken under the influence of an emanation from a vacuum tube. Obviously, professor repeatedly told and showed this phenomenon in the lectures.

K. Rentgen, the acquaintance with I. Pulyuem on university in Strasbourg (1873-75) used it “a cathodic lamp“ in the applied researches and at the end of 1895 received the first picture of a hand of the wife. In several weeks at the beginning of 1896 high-quality pictures in X - Ivan Pulyuya`s beams were published in magazines of Paris and London. So which of them pioneer?

4. The axiomatic inventor of radio Alexander Popov studying transfer and reception of radio signals at distance - and the practician Marconi who patented “Marconi`s device“ for a radio communication and started his production, the Nobel laureate on physics of 1909. Which of them pioneer?

5. Very interesting story turned out with the invention of the electric glow lamp. T. Edison who took out the patent for a bulb with a coal core in 1879 is considered her inventor. But where this bulb? All use the bulb of an incandescence of Lodygin patented by it in 1874 and the conferred Lomonosov award. It the first applied the tungsten thread twisted in a spiral, and a vacuum flask.

6. In the field of aeronautics I will only mention Leonardo da Vinci`s works - all know about them.

7. A creator of the first-ever plane is … the Russian seaman (!) Alexander Fedorovich Mozhaysky. He constructed and tested the first plane for twenty years before Americans of brothers Wright who absolutely unfairly attributed this invention. Mozhaysky experienced action of “the small areas on back part of wings for turns of the device“, that is provided test of ailerons - bodies of cross stability and controllability of the plane. Enormous value of these tests will become clear if to remember that he investigated operations of ailerons 31 year prior to Frenchman Farman who allegedly invented them in 1908, and the brothers Wright who constructed the first airplane in 1903 had no idea of them.

8. Hundred six years ago on March 19, 1906 the underwater fleet of Russia Nicholas II`s decree was declared by an independent type of troops, and the submarines consisting on arms of the Russian military fleet which were called before as “torpedo boats“ received the present status - submarines. In Russia the idea of use of the underwater vessel for the military purposes was put forward for the first time by the Russian inventor - the self-educated person E. Nikonov. In 1718 he submitted “petition“ addressed to Peter I, suggesting to construct “the undercover fiery vessel“. Soon Nikonov was called to St. Petersburg where constructed and tested for immersion and swimming under water vessel model. And in 1724 the first fighting underwater vessel was constructed. The begun its tests were interrupted soon after Peter I`s death.

Only in 1903-1915 on projects of the Russian designers I. G. Bubnov and M. P. Naletov it was created several submarines which defined type of the Russian submarine among them there are boats “Leopard“ and “Crab“. According to many sea experts, submarines saved Vladivostok from direct attack of a squadron of Kamimura, and after Tsushima - and from all power of fleet of the admiral of Togo.

9. Opening of. By Mendel in 1866 of the basic principles of genetics it was ignored within thirty five years after the report at a meeting of scientific organization was given on him not only, but even its results are published.

It turns out that true inventors often are unfairly forgotten.