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How to accept the world it what it is?

How to accept the world it what it is, without condemnation, the contrast point of view and own interpretation? How to learn not to notice their shortcomings of people, not to envy their advantages, to rejoice to simple things? How not to lose courage and not to capitulate in difficult vital circumstances? And the most important - how to be oneself contrary to everything, without changing initial, let and not absolutely perfect nature?

cannot Live in complete prostration blindly. Conscience prompts that there is other alternative way, and forces to fight against the unfair world. Fight begins with indignation and condemnation. Condemnation is followed by irritation and conflict situations.

As a result the base of harmony of life falls. Whether we reflect owing to what all so? Why to reflect? The judgment can become the reason of understanding and global changes to which we are not always ready. It is much simpler to continue to live in the drawn world of illusions and not to be engaged in reorganization of the thoughts.

If you do not want that your life turned into continuous resistance, it is necessary to learn to accept the existing reality, thereby you will choose a way of the wise man which will not spend all the forces for useless fight against “the invisible forces of evil“.

The first step is understanding . Sensibleness is a view of itself from outside, on the thoughts, words, acts. This right to choose, to arrive properly in this or that situation. It is very useful to look, by the way, on himself in soul, making the decision and to wonder: “I act how right? I that also treated me would like?“ Everything comes back.

The second step - ability in time to put the end , to stop a situation, when there is no forces, an opportunity and time to continue to listen, look, to do something. Such psychological end of a situation will help to get rid of the expected negative. If you feel that “roll“ on you, separate and establish borders of personal space.

The third step - inclusion of the trainings mode . Let`s carry out small work on ourselves and the feelings. We learn to control a situation, we do not go in cycles in problems, we look for minuses and pluses in the incident, we analyze, we draw conclusions.

The fourth step - preservation of a peace of mind . There are things which are not worth it to spend for them the forces and nerves. Why to spend time for useless work?

It is necessary to recognize that in life of each person there are such situations from which exit not always seems accepted. It will be difficult to reconcile to the made decisions, but it is necessary. Without a thing it life would seem to less fair. The logic will help to give adequate possible assessment of the situation.

And the last council - learn to be good to people not for the sake of bonuses of the charitable account, and just like that...

In the ancient time the course of life was connected with reflection in a mirror. What surrounds us - very probably on ourselves. In process of as far as we change, also all changes around us. Therefore the correct assessment of surrounding reality is very important. It shows as far as we are happy with ourselves and as far as we harmoniously develop. Very frequent to pay our unwillingness the attention on itself, to change something in itself develops into categorical opposition with reality and ruins us.

And sense? There is no sense … Find

yourself in yourself!