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Jannie Daunkhem “So far I is living“

“The sixteen-year-old heroine of this book only begins to live, and she wants to be in time very much. Therefore she writes the list of all the desires and gets down to business. Not everything in it is as innocent, as at her peers. But only because it in many respects is not similar to them. And still because she needs to be in time all now! “ So far I am living “ - honest, courageous and incredibly vital novel. It true stops time, reminding that it is necessary to appreciate the main thing, to seize the moment, to be more courageous in desires and to enjoy adventures which gives us every day“. Having read to
a review of this book on one of the websites, right there decided to get and already in a week became engrossed in reading of it. Work begins with such lovely line: “ As if I wanted that I had a guy. That it hung in a case on a hanger, and I would get it when takes in head, and he would look at me as guys in movies, - so, as if I am a beauty “. The book sets thinking, and as if you arrived on its place? And what you considered immoral becomes in the nature of things, and usual behavior - useless and even harmful pastime. The girl in 12 years learns that she is suffering from cancer. And here it already 16, and her life comes to an end, remains to it practically nothing. Each page of the book, is its last days. It makes the list of the last desires, and begins to execute them. Desires in own way lovely and ridiculous, and in some and absolutely adults. But it is also the truth, Jannie Daunkhem wrote in a simple language about life of this family. Tessa - quickly matured child who in the mildest terms had to learn life with all its pluses and minuses. it is heavy to
to read the Book, in a throat - a lump, tears well up in the end. In each phrase, in each action feeling of life, a reminder that remained to Tessa a little. It is heavy to realize that at your girlfriend still ahead, she will give birth to the child soon and will raise him, and the main character wants to see at least him, but this desire does not come true … In the head mess, you think how so? That can be more unfair, than death of the 16th summer girl? It is terrible to present how many children are burned with cancer and other diseases, without having managed to enjoy life. I do not understand how it is possible not to fall in love with this book. I lived together with the heroine week …
Ya I love similar movies and books, having read them, you understand that your problems trifling, having read or having looked at something similar, there is a wish to rise and begin something to do, to live and breathe a full breast.
the Book received ambiguous comments on the Internet, one fell in love with work, others could not read. At everyone the opinion. According to the book there was already a movie “ Now it is a high time “ which I so far, unfortunately, could not find in the Internet to look at online or to download.