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Attempt to start life with a clean slate, or belief in magic disappeared …

Here and again year comes to an end. There were only two weeks.
Here - here we will gather behind a table d`hote the big and noisy company of friends or a narrow family circle again, we will open champagne under peal of bells and we will enter in the next year with new hopes, dreams and plans. Here - here we will buy in shops tangerines by kilograms. It is a pity only that on the apartment the fresh smell of a fir-tree will not be carried, artificial beauties force out live, and in the childhood I always asked a fir-tree to a ceiling … approach of New year was felt by
In the childhood absolutely in a different way. To decorate a Christmas tree was family occupation then approach of the most magic holiday was felt. In the childhood we believed in Father Frost. For few weeks before a year with the brother wrote the letter in which called what gifts we dream to receive. Then threw out it from a balcony, believing that the grandfather will go by and will pick up our letter. Every year 31 numbers to us this character with a red nose and a beard came. We with the elder brother read him verses which were persistently studied before. Received a gift for each poem. Very much loved sweet gifts. It is a pity that I very much early found out who was this Father Frost. Since the childhood was very curious, both found gifts, and the grandfather`s suit and when came, noticed that from - under a coat the father`s shirt sticks out that in the poem it is not just like that said “and eyes - that father`s“ that there is no father exactly yet, Father Frost comes, and then it comes back with affected surprise and disappointment. The brother - that already knew who is behind a red sheepskin coat, but accompanied. In a childhood we went to bed a bit earlier that gifts appeared under a fir-tree somewhat quicker. And tried to rise in the morning a bit earlier and the first to find the gift. I will not forget how we with the brother planned to pull at night when parents go to bed, ropes on the room that Father Frost faltered, and all gifts intended and to other children, got to us. Time …
Now all in a different way was. The belief in magic disappeared. Now ourselves grant the desires, there would be money. Which year I speak to parents that did not give me a sweet gift, candies will roll then. But all of them equally do not restrain and buy some darling soft a drakosha. Now you just know that it is necessary to buy gifts, to consider the festive menu, to decide where and as you will celebrate a holiday. Parents take offense if I leave for a New Year`s Eve to friends, “but there are a wish to celebrate a holiday cheerfully“, - I say to them. Perhaps, on the eve of this New year I will be together with the dearest and favourite people. They - the most expensive that we have.
I now each new year for me is as attempt to start life with a clean slate. There come the first days of January and inside some emptiness, you do not know what to do and how to be, it is always difficult to begin. But since February life gains steam habitual earlier and everything rises on the places. In December I try to complete current affairs, projects, and from - for it month turns out difficult, fussing. And in this turmoil when sometimes you stop on the run, you are surprised to beauty of the decorated facades of shops and silence of the winter evening city... I wish
Ya to you, dear readers that you always found time for a stop during everyday running. We miss a lot of things in our life, hurrying to be in time everything.

Suddenly started missing the childhood and even Anastasia Latushko who shed a tear.