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Che`s sketches. Vladimir Zhdanov in Cherepovets of

If, sometime takes place the Nuremberg process over alcoholism, then the general accuser from Russia should not be looked for. It already is - it is the irreconcilable fighter for sobriety of the Russian person Vladimir Georgiyevich Zhdanov who recently triumphally visited Cherepovets. In any case, both times when he acted (in school of arts and at Komsomolets movie theater) halls were chock, and the minutes of the highest (as speaks Zhdanov “at the most perezhivatelny moment“) elation which were incidentally flying with 20 - a-degree frost to the hall of a fly, right there fell dead. People, at least, the majority, devoured every word of the lecturer and absorbed contents emotional, based on the schedules and figures taken it is unknown from where, his lectures “greedy as sponges“.
To figures, doubts arose at once. For example, V. G. declared that our race of “white people“ dies out, and now, in comparison with thirty years before when every fourth of living on Earth, could it is proud call himself “the tasty white person“, there were and only 8 percent. Having mentally put population of Europe, Russia, the USA and Canada, I already received the figure much exceeding one million 100 thousand people. But on the planet 7 billion people so, as they say, “you do not hurry to bury us“, professor Zhdanov live and only. But not this main thing.
Main is not even the fact that on the Internet the huge number of resources that is called of “not Zhdanov orientation“ which it it is ruthless sometimes on a side and beyond a foul is criticized, deride and just try to reduce to level full moreover and the militant layman. However, that Zhdanov is not either a physician, or the narcologist, and by training is a physicist at all, but, the truth and the fact that the so-called narcological community is part of system of accustoming to drinking of the population long ago and strongly and for it existence of the drinking and sick society - a daily bread. Who will dare to object?! All conditions of recent narcologists in Cherepovets is a monument to the Russian alcoholism. At the same time, as a rule, so to them and remained. Let Cherepovets narcologists will show AT LEAST one “descended about a rail“ and come back to normal life. No, all addresses of stay of their clients come to an end approximately so: Kirillovskoye Highway, No. cemetery …
So on the first, socially - psychological part of the views and behavior Zhdanov of the rights for all hundred percent: any narcologist, any producer of alcohol, any marketing specialist will never take a self-destructive step and do not admit that they are that part of the conveyor which promotes accustoming to drinking of the population. People who raise a question “ANGULAR“ are necessary. This niche was also occupied by Zhdanov who in it is quite organic and succeeds. I do not say, in this case, about a financial component of this activity and the fact that it will be demanded eternally if not always.
Is impossible will not agree with Zhdanov and that it alcoholization of the population stimulates availability of alcohol and absence of effective belief of youth that sober life is a norm, but not some pathology. The return reached that thousands of people work on a field of alcoholization of the tribespeople and with fear wait for that moment when suddenly someone`s political will enters next “Prohibition“ and will send all this army of producers and distributors of alcohol “in a bath to consider basins“. Already smells of a social collapse, before scales of business reached!) )
As for the second part of the views concerning essence of alcoholism, its nature, I do not share Zhdanov`s views. When he speaks about alcoholism as to a certain addiction of which the person can independently get rid, following, generally to Shichko`s method, reconstructing own tsennostno - semantic system, why at 9 of ten people, followed this way, process of recovery goes something very complicated. Yes because it is an illness at what heavy, having the difficult psychophysiological nature which so nobody plainly understood. Let`s add here features of development of the personality, pathological character of the family environment who very in a flowery style directs the person “there where it is necessary“, and it is not difficult to understand that all very much and very not easy. And here for “treatment of the alcoholic“ some charismatic persons, priests in cassocks, metayushchy lightnings in eyes, strong children on jeeps from “sobriety society“ beg. Is not present, forgive. If it is necessary to be treated for alcoholism, then not to you …

In VKontakte group, it is necessary to tell, perfectly organized Zhdanov`s arrival, the idea of a flashmob was discussed. Here professor comes by the car No. 6 in Cherepovets, he is quietly met by organizers. Then professor moves on the platform and suddenly the degree socially of exaltation accrues. The crowd which is, seemingly, expecting someone from gold-domed unexpectedly begins to applaud the modest person with a beard and a small paunch. An applause passes into an applause.
Ya here too wanted to expose on the competition fleshby. Except organizers - righteous persons on the platform of professor are met in “uska“ by drunk crowd. However, having caught sight of professor, she throws out in bushes of a bottle, shot glass and glasses, instantly sobers, picks up professor on hands and as bears a banner in the center of Cherepovets. Therein different - any zombies get out of snowdrifts and, the “snowdrops“ of year which remained in the earth, come to life and move after crowd. Of course, supermarkets are right there closed, employees pour out vodka on snow in megalitres etc. Nevertheless, this flashmob did not take place even internal self-selection. Not ridiculously.
By the way, at Zhdanov`s lecture I met the narcologist Frolov, and did not fail to notice to it that “somehow about you V. G. was expressed not really well“. Frolov reflected and told something following: “Everyone has the right to speak, the fact that he thinks. Here not the place for discussions on professional problems. Here people who need such information gathered. And in it it should be supported!“