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Refriendship - nedootnosheniye of

are from everywhere heard verbalizations on a subject frendzon Recently. “A strong half of mankind“ to death fell in love to ache and complain of girls who, you see do not want to admit to themselves everyone closer than companionship (and correctly do, judging by outpourings which these pseudo-friends - nedolyubovnik suit in the same social nets). The most part of ladies in similar situations courageously are silent and with firmness endure the hardships and deprivations... Why?
Probably because it is more difficult to girl to admit to himself and people around that someone can not want it - and in general, did not get used to complain the Russian babonka - to it at full tilt to stop horses, to it to go to the burning log huts. Maybe I shock someone now, but girls sometimes too want the relations, and too not always everything grows together. You remember, how in that movie:“ we choose, we are chosen - as it often does not coincide“. Se la vi, companions. “We are familiar to
two years. Initially I in our communication liked ease - my acquaintance Sasha says - we saw each other seldom, wrote not more often than two times a week, but each its emergence was the real holiday. Gradually began to get used to it, flirtation appeared. It seemed, here - here something has to begin, but nothing occurred month, another, the third. And still does not move from a dead point. And to discuss you will not discuss, we are friends...“
“From the very beginning agreed with it (and the offer went from me) that nothing any more friendship at will be. He agreed easily - it was necessary to him even less, than me. Over time understood that in vain arranged this conversation. And already, which month I am whipping the cat, all iznamekatsya already - does not work“.
the Third heroine wished to remain the unknown.“ Mine periodically makes a declaration of love to me - she tells - jokes at it such. And I once admitted - snatched the moment when the girlfriend had a birthday to refer if something happens to alcohol. He decided that I joke, laughed. It was not ridiculous“.
As for me, I do not see the big drama in it yes situations. In my opinion, it is useful for person to be the lover, and it is even more useful to be isolated from Object of Love - if work made of a monkey of the technician, then the humanist of a monkey was unambiguously made by sublimation.