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Shortage of shots? The most demanded professions of

It appears, many employers, despite world crisis and the growing unemployment, suffer more and more acute shortage of qualified personnel every year.

of the Reason of shortage of shots

According to the conducted survey, more than 56% of the companies around the world work in the conditions of an incomplete complete set of states! The reason of such situation - shortage of the skilled workers possessing not only profile education, but also necessary skills.

In this regard at choice of profession it is expedient to find out what professions are most demanded at present and what shortage of shots is suffered by employers.

Researches showed that such fields of activity popular earlier as the medicine and the industry, do not attract youth any more. The younger generation chooses marketing, management, law and finance.

Such state of affairs creates a situation in which in labor market the surplus of lawyers and economists is formed, but there are catastrophically not enough engineers and the qualified doctors.

Moreover, most of the diplomaed marketing specialists and representatives of other fashionable professions are not able to perform the work corresponding to their education in connection with shortage of knowledge. Generally these reasons are also the primary source of shortage of qualified personnel at the mentioned 56% of the companies worldwide.

the Country needs in

So what workers of professions employers in the companies want to see?

First of all, it is working specialties. Presently all seek to get an education and to be beaten out in chiefs therefore in all spheres the acute shortage of working hands is felt. And employers at the same time wish to see not just working, but skilled workers!

For already several years managers of various directions enjoy invariable popularity. In spite of the fact that annually huge number of graduates is left by higher education institutions with diplomas of managers, the companies have still not enough employees really capable to direct and make decisions.

Along with managers already several years are very demanded experts of the sphere of sales.

Big rates gain popularity of a profession, connected with the Internet. First of all, employers need specialists in advance of the websites on the Internet, in a web - designers, in programmers and so forth. According to forecasts this sphere will promptly develop and further will become the most demanded. Respectively, in the sphere the Internet - services is supposed the highest salary.

In end it would be desirable to note separately that demanded professions, first of all, imply not just existence of the corresponding diploma, but also ability to work effectively on the mastered specialty.

Exactly ability to qualitatively carry out the duties is also looked for by employers in applicants therefore the companies and suffer a shortage of qualified personnel, despite overpopulation of labor market certified specialists.

And it means that, except the diploma, knowledge, this diploma confirming is necessary