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To what a five-copeck coin under a heel? History of What student`s signs

the student did not hide a five-copeck coin under a heel or did not fall asleep just in case with the abstract under a pillow on the eve of examination? And whether you know that student`s signs actually have the logical explanation?

Several stories …

Appears, council to go on examination with the patch in footwear has quite pragmatic origin. The matter is that students of times of imperial Russia beforehand laid up a five-copeck coin to note then successful passing an examination. Also they hid the coins exactly in footwear, under a heel! The benefit, it was possible to dare to note examination for five kopeks in those days …

A the sign reached our times upside-down actions: safely to pass examination, it is necessary to put the patch in footwear.

You heard that during session it is impossible to be cut ? There is an assumption that this tradition is connected with the beginning of times of fashion for hippie. Dandies of those times explained with aspiration to successfully pass examinations and observance of ancient signs to the teachers presence of long hair at men.

Abstracts and textbooks under a pillow on the eve of examination - too a thing quite explainable. The matter is that in days of old books were not enough for all students, and therefore happy owners of it tried not to let go them. Textbooks were hidden under a pillow from public eyes and hands. Here also it turned out that those who under a pillow had textbooks took examinations without problems.

There is a version that tradition to call to the Sphere , making night jogs around the student`s hostel, appeared thanks to strict watchwomen. And how still to explain attempts of the student imperceptibly to make the way to the hostel after late walk?

There is also quite banal explanation of how there was a sign to abuse the student taking examination . Allegedly some student on the eve of examination quarreled from the darling, and that in a fit of temper in every possible way abused it all day and blamed. Despite quarrel and the correspondence charges, examination was passed quite successfully, and the symbolical abuse became a sign for successful passing an examination. By the way, lovers everything - reconciled …

Pure logic...

All students are sure by

that on the eve of examination it is impossible to have a shave and be cut . And you know, actually why it is impossible? The risk that the teacher does not recognize you is big and will count as the great shirker with all that it implies! And it is necessary to you? Respectively, it is better to postpone experiments with appearance until the end of session.

Many students adhere to the principle - not to read abstracts directly before examination. Never read abstracts and behind food, in front of the TV or under loud music. But it is quite natural, all above-mentioned factors very strongly distract attention and do not allow to concentrate on the necessary information.

And it is senseless to study the abstract before an audience door in three minutes prior to examination at all because at this time the nervous system is so strained that no information just reaches your brain. Whether it is worth spending time and to strain already intense nervous system?

And you trust in signs? What student`s rituals how you consider, should be trusted?