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What is a psychological portrait of the personality?

In ancient times portrait painters were highly esteemed and earned worthy reward for the works. Peering into ancient portraits, we see that masters tried not only to represent a human face, but also to disclose its character and an inner world. the Person could tell

a lot of things about the personality, a way of life, character, the social status. A striking example are Rembrandt and Renoir`s works.

With the invention of the photo, many photographers specialized in shooting of persons. The psychological portrait is one of the directions in photoart which purpose - to show an inner world, emotions and experiences of the person.

In the modern world this term is also used in psychology and means a total characteristic of the person in the form of the description of features, traits of character of the person and his possible acts in certain situations. To make a psychological portrait, it is necessary to pass a number of tests which will define temperament, character, abilities, intelligence, an orientation, consciousness, strong-willed qualities, a self-assessment, skill to communicate and other specific features of the person.

On temperament people are divided into four groups: sanguine persons, choleric persons, phlegmatic persons and melancholiacs. In character such lines as the relation to work, other people and society in general, to themselves and to things distinguish. Also define of accentuation of character , that is excessively expressed lines that can show as weak and the strengths of the person which are shown in certain situations. Tests help to reveal of ability which show tendency to certain kinds of activity. The following characteristic is an orientation which cornerstone the motivation is. Determination of intellectuality is important to determine the level of abilities of the person to assess a situation, to make decisions and to regulate the behavior. Emotionality reflects the relation of the person to external influences. Strong-willed qualities define ability of the person to achievement of the objectives, and weak will, on the contrary, is considered bad quality. Skill to communicate - one of the most important and difficult traits of character which defines ability of the person to interact with society. The self-assessment is a value judgment of the qualities, acts, purposes and the place in society. Self-checking - ability to control the emotions and affects. Ability to collaboration - one of important indicators of interaction of the person and society.

After passing of tests the psychologist carries out an assessment of results and makes a complete description of features of character of the person, and also makes recommendations in what direction it is necessary to work on itself.

Why the psychological portrait is necessary? The most important - to understand and accept itself, strong and weaknesses, to be guided by the internal feelings and requirements, but not on imposed by an environment. It will help to make decisions and it is correct to behave in various life situations. Tests will also help to reveal abilities which “sleep“ in the person, to open the internal reserves and to develop them further. Besides, some people have situations when many forces and energy were spent for achievement of a goal so that instead of joyful taste of a victory, there is a feeling of “squeezed orange“. Some people complain that their many projects come to an end with failure and there occurs the disappointment and a depression. In such cases tests can show the overestimated level of claims, that is the person cannot really correlate the desires to opportunities. Often desires are imposed from the outside (friends, colleagues, relatives), and the person tries to seem not to those whom he is actually. The knowledge strong and weaknesses will help to establish really attainable aims initially.

Drawing up psychological portraits of the personality practices work of intelligence agencies for a long time. Recently HR - departments of the big companies also introduce this practice for improvement of work of collective. But he is necessary not only for work, but first of all to understand itself(himself) and to learn to live fully with the merits and demerits.