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That the general between men and... birds?

you Think that found that one and only with whom it is possible to walk safely on life? Hold your horses. Get accustomed to the elect more attentively: suddenly the one who went to a wedding a peacock on closer examination will be an impudent turkey-cock...

1. He spends all free time at home. Soft slippers, a cup of tea and the beloved (mother, the wife - it is unimportant) nearby - here everything that is necessary for happiness for the man - to a sparrow .

2. Non-contentious, quiet, loves a cosiness, but it is not adapted for life at all? Before you the man - a pigeon . Create it good conditions, and he will coo from pleasure.

3. Jack of all trades. Any homework to it on a shoulder, and it willingly carries out it. Here will repair the idle receiver, there will repair a case. Protect ears: you lodged the man - a woodpecker !

4. Serve it only sweet. It concerns both food, and women. You will ask to help to solve a problem - he was gone in a flash. Here and the man - of a humming-bird with a flower on a flower flits (read: from the woman to the woman).

5. Usually compare women to this bird, but also among men there are such. They live in afternoon, and for the sake of own tranquility can desert a family and depart from a nest - the house. Hold the man - a cuckoo more strong!

6. This man - a godsend. Having fallen in love with time, will never forget. Darling for it - the main thing in life. Be also faithful to it: do not cause to the man - to a swan sufferings.

7. All envy the darling of this brawny handsome man with aristocratic manners. Everyone dreams to be with it in couple. Eh, girls! You what flour to live with such jealous man and the house tyrant what the man - an eagle is would know.

8. All consider it self-satisfied. Still, it is so beautiful! But so only those who do not live with it under the same roof think. In a circle of the relatives he is simple and kind as nobody else. And arrogance - only a mask for the hostile world. Not just to be a man - a peacock .

9. There is such type of men whom and men - that it is difficult to call. Main thing: in time to distinguish it. It is the man - a rooster .

10. It is not such as all. But has no relation to the previous type. Just it is another. And let he is not able “to fly“ as other men, but with him every day - a holiday. To be a companion of life of the man - of a penguin - rare honor.

11. One more handsome, charming, draws attention at once wherever appeared. Stop! With such idler as the man - the bullfinch , is better not to connect the life.

12. Life of this man - a continuous party. He spends the whole day to beds, and of the house gets out with nightfall. Also it is thrashed till the morning that by a lunch again to be filled up on a bed. - to an owl it is contraindicated to man to marry.

13. What charm! This man drags everything to the house. With it the death from poverty is definitely not terrible. But as it is talkative! You will be able to suffer - choose the man - to a sorok .

14. From this tipchik it is necessary to run. In normal conditions it seems quite good party: broad-shouldered, nice, with gentle disposition. But if it is necessary to protect the woman from hooligans... Hey, where you, the man - an ostrich ?

15. Practically all dream of this man. Beautiful, strong, able to stand for itself and for the relatives - well than not an ideal? It is lucky some: to darlings of men - of a flamingo .

Well and the most important, regarding men - birds, always you remember words of the great mystic Osho: “If you caught a bird, then do not keep her in a cage, do not do so that she wanted to fly away from you, but could not. And make so that she could depart, but did not want“.