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Quickness of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism, conclusion
in - important
d - for children, banal
z - informative
and - interesting
to - winged
of l - best
of N - not important
p - instructive
with - difficult for understanding
r - in a riddle, for reflection, on ingenuity and installation of the opinion
yu - humour

Quickness is necessary importance value is necessary the sign advantage depends helps to apply value definition allows promotes will learn to form to develop to develop to bring up the reasons the sharp-witted person the child is born gives it is possible depends

z Quickness - ingenuity, ingenuity … - it is difficult to overestimate
and Value of quickness.
d Quickness - extremely necessary quality
of the person.
zd Quickness is necessary life, professionalism, invention, creativity … to
to the Person without quickness everywhere - that the ship without sail.
of C protects Quickness - better than fortress.
of C Quickness - is more important than learning.
and Sharp-witted can be only the person knowing.
to Mind without quickness - anything.
and Without quickness education - is badly applicable.
p Quickness - knowledge multiply.
to Quickness - a mind sign.
of l Sharp-witted on a crock - a pot represents.
z Quickness depends on clarity of mind.
zp Good help of quickness serves healthy curiosity.
zk Help of quickness - inquisitive mind.
z Ingenuity promotes the solution of problems.
of stars Quickness is extremely necessary for a survival in difficult conditions.
z Quickness is promoted by clarity, sharpness and flexibility of thinking. there is no
to quickness - there is no protection.
to Quickness is helped by imagination.
and Quickness is necessary not less than knowledge.
r Quickness should be started up ahead of diligence, persistence and even courage.
zdpv is difficult to be sharp-witted - without knowledge.
zd Quickness is promoted by an insight.
z Quickness - judiciousness a support.
zd Quickness often relies on experience.
z Quickness promotes formation of the correct outlook.
to Quickness - a door in knowledge.
and Quickness promotes anticipation.
zd Quickness depends on ability to think logically.
zd Quickness are promoted by the analysis and experiment.
p to learn quickness, the thicket should philosophize, to think logically, to compare everything, to estimate, be inquisitive...
with Sharp-witted without need to litter memory with excess information - it to much can guess.
zpv Quickness - good help in the invention of own knowledge.
zdk - is capable Of the standing quickness only wisdom.
pz Quickness promotes judgment.
and Sometimes takes the emerged memory for quickness of people.
to Quickness - a key to secrets.
zdp Quickness - good protection.
of C Quickness - gives rise to truth.
zp is covered with Quickness the road to wisdom.
pz the Person due to one quickness can form essential part of the knowledge.
z Quickness is capable to fill gaps in our knowledge, to do them more coordinated and clear.
zd Quickness allows to estimate everything to a fulfillment.
to Quickness and observation - girlfriends.
zd Quickness - a fertile field for opening.
to Quickness is in many respects obliged science.
sd Quickness allows to obtain new information.
and That what people cannot quickness to them the science, literature, mass media inform … the trifle has enough
to the Wise man - that a lot of things to think.
zdp Quickness - opens deception.
z Quickness is capable to coordinate, order, modify, inspect and to restore knowledge.
and Quickness is capable to solve others plans.
zp Quickness promotes judiciousness.
to Quickness is in many respects obliged philosophy.
zp develop Quickness better - than reference information.
to Vanity and haste of quickness - not girlfriends.
zd Quickness is better concentrated is given.
to the Brother of quickness - interest.
and Quickness scraps of the confused information - puts in uniform clear whole.
zd Quickness develop riddles, crossword puzzles, detective stories, intellectual games …
sr Quickness is capable to restore memory.
and Quickness promotes opening.
and Without quickness irrespective of the size of knowledge - cannot open new. pz Quickness promotes
- to search of truth.
z Information obtained by sharpness - is more expensive and are better remembered.
and Quickness help wisdom to be gathered.
and Quickness can - make the fool the wise man.
p Than is more at the person of knowledge, subjects it is easier for it to develop quickness.
and due to quickness of people can become knowing.
and Quickness - is capable to guess thoughts.
of l Quickness - reads mind of destiny.
z Quickness - is in many respects obliged to philosophy.
d It is possible to realize about much - reflecting over what was seen and heard.
and Quickness - are promoted by reasonings and the comprehensive analytical analysis.
z Quickness depends on knowledge and good coordination of necessary information.
z the Sharp-witted person to much guesses.
zk the Girlfriend of quickness - attentiveness.
r quickness Value often coordinates over time.
zkd The quickness quicker - the more valuably.
z Quickness promotes application of knowledge in practice.
zd Quickness - points thinking.
zd Quickness and cunning - sisters.
and Quickness are strengthened by need.
sr Silly counts that it clever - will not think, clever - that silly it will work well.
yu is difficult to think over - next the heart.
yu forces to realize Nothing so - as the agenda to
to the investigator.
yu If clever which all see and all realize, took offense and reacted - to them are once to live. yu by What less reasons we connect
, with aspiration it is better to live - that they are more exact.

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