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Worldly wisdom or waste of time? Encyclopedia of unnecessary councils. Economy of

On the poverty and worthless uselessness on the first place - of course, councils “how to humour the sofa sweetie that he did not leave to another“, with invariable black linen, romantic candles and descriptions, what sweet voice should be asked two most important in family life of a thing: “The sweetie, buy me a fur coat“ and “The sweetie, do not scatter smelly socks“.

And the impression that these both Herculean feats are equally difficult for it develops, and without it family life is considered unfortunate.

But we now not about it. We will talk about the second and third winners in a rating of idiotic councils. And not only on Shkolezhizni. ru, but also in general on “Internet“.

The second place surely holds a powerful discourse - how to grow rich by economy . The fact that at a beggarly salary it is impossible to grow rich even if in general it to put all - is not taken into consideration. Councils - just Niagara, and all such creative!

As a rule, it is councils from a professional nishchebrod who all life will be nishchebrody, about two times in one water will wash, to merge a tank of times a week and to guzzle beans from canned food. All life!

Councils of type: to grow rich, instead of desired gifts on NG you give samokleenny cards and self-made toys from old boxes. Also they advise to regift unnecessary things - and cho, it is economy too. Especially, soon and to give there will be nobody, all will jump aside as from plague.

One more council was pleasant: not to be spent on trips, to drink instead of water in bottles - unboiled water. Aha, in different there Tailandakh and Malayziyakh. For cleaning of conscience having lit on it an ultra-violet small lamp. It is possible to do or consecrate still passes “ôýíøó¸ì“. I looked right there for advice to the family of the rich man how cheaper to transport a body home, but did not find.

Further the adviser pleased all who dye hair that the grown roots - it is very fashionable, consider that you already grew rich, having just saved on a hairdressing salon. Looked for council to wash the head of times in two weeks - perhaps, it too where - that is... Right there the ingenious inspiration contained: if to clean the house most - that should not be paid the housemaid! Going nuts from an enlightenment, I read further.

Still council - is less meat (to replace with beans from canned food), houses too to drink water from the crane and to find a side job which will help to increase the monthly income on 100 (hundred!) dollars. For hundred dollars! In a month!!! Consider, we not for nothing read this blog! Wealth already here - here, it already at a threshold!!!

Still it is possible to save if instead of a visit of restaurant - to invite friends home and to ask them to bring food and binge with itself! At the same time it is possible to ask them to tidy up the apartment and to wash the car, and leaving - to hand them packages of garbage! Thus soon the problem of expenses on house parties at you will disappear by itself... And with parties on an exit the aunt resolved an issue too: dresses and jewelry should not be bought, they can be taken from friends!!! Strange, in general all clothes can be lent at friends. Wore - gave, at another lent, and someone can withdraw will disdain! Economy!

Yes, smells of serious wealth here, it is just the giant of economy, all have to learn to drink unboiled water and there are beans, not to buy dresses, to chuck in a hairdressing salon and to sell the read book immediately on reading. It is possible to collect still sticks from ice cream on a kindling and to give toilet paper to a dry-cleaner.

Earning thought of growing rich by more - or is not considered at all, or offer the same cheap earnings like writing of texts for sale on ruble for a leaf. Why people write all this - it becomes clear when it turns out that the heap reads it to the people and shares the same idiocies like washing of kulechok or production of dolls from socks full of holes. Better they would get second useful higher education at this time or learned language, than to erase paper bags.

Someone wise told that it is possible to grow rich by means of these councils only in one way: to bring together them and to write the book “How to Become the Rich“. After sale of one million copies it is possible not to erase paper bags any more and to merge water after each visit of a rest room.

On it everyday councils for economy do not come to an end. Ahead - creative gifts...