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For permanent job progressors are required?

“Progressors in scientifically - fantastic literature - representatives of advanced reasonable races whose duties include assistance to historical progress of the civilizations which are at lower level of social development.

The term “progressor“ was invented by brothers Strugatsky and was originally used only in relation to the world of Midday...

Partially the reasons of emergence of a progressorstvo are described by Gorbovsky at the end of the book “Waves Extinguish Wind“. It formulates them as - it is intolerable to people of Earth to see “crying on own history“ how similar to them, but younger societies “go on the same rake“, make the known tragic mistakes. Natural desire - to save younger brothers on the Universe from an excess grief and shocks, to make their way to a perfect civilization more direct and less dangerous.

... progressors of Strugatsky who are unselfish paladins of altruism and science...“
End of the quote.

I grieve.
In the last year, coming to check mail, in the beginning I on the automatic machine look through a line of news. At first the city, then the country, then, happens, and business reaches the whole world. I click some headings and I read the daily news which opened in all beauty.
... My God my God! What melancholy!.

Someone is at war, is at war, is at war... decades... with those who supply them with electricity. It I about Arabs to whom Jews deliver electricity to the Gaza Strip. You did not know? I here too did not know. Earlier. you imagine
? The Arab culture which gave to the world concept of algorithm - on which is based all cybernetics and thanks to which you have such useful piece how a computer - where it is nowadays? These wild, uneducated people who captivated the world, blowing up other people then, there, stupidly going on about the future celebration of Islam on all Earth, wrapping the women in deaf black bags and doing a klitorotomiya to the daughters - descendants and tribespeople of the great Arab physician Abu Ali ibn Cynna? Great Arab mathematician, astronomer and geographer al Horezmi? Great Arab poet and thinker Firdousi? Famous Arab philosopher Averroes (ibn Rushd)?.

Europe, cradle, so to speak, cultures. It is a little disputed issue, but now not about volume the speech.
Faithfully looking in eyes to volume who has a more than force which is hypocritically sighing over troubles of the same of the Arab, for example, countries now - and sending the fighters to bomb Libya. Yes that I to those Arabs became attached - we will remember Yugoslavia. There Europe was noted too how. Now looks at Syria - whether not to help also it too? Europe which is impudently rewriting world history - read
that in Europe in textbooks of history write about World War II, for example.

Well and so on. What long to argue - and are so read...

Now more country concerns me, excuse. At court everyone is for himself and...
the Poor my country which lost own history behind tens of copyings. Who remembers, who knows great Slavic and - in particular - Old Russian culture? Customs? Traditions? History besides? Who the hell knows the roots to the tenth knee?.

My poor country which in hundreds of years drummed that she is not capable of anything that only foreigners cost something and without them all of us will be gone.

My poor country in which mowed clean, at all, in a root exhausted color of the nation - I about civil and how in tens, hundreds shot revolyutsyonera of scientists, officers and just decent people as all carriers of reason and humanity were destroyed in the country in large quantities and systematically. Were destroyed or - if it was lucky - “were squeezed out“ from the country.
Though can hardly call it the word it “was lucky“. Esteem … there now though read Nadezhda Lokhvitskaya - in the world, if I may say so, Taffy - and she has stories about that, and only one “Reminiscence“ of what stand...

Poor, my poor country in which 70 years it was impossible to breathe where the concept of human dignity was destroyed at the state level it was substituted for promotion “the person - a small screw“...

The poor, my poor country which collapsed on pieces in 90 - x... also remained scattered on these pieces the people before living through the road and visiting to each other without everyones it is terrible to tell, customs and border control...

The poor, my poor country which is picked up by all winds of chaos, torn apart on part by both internal contradictions, and the hyenas wishing not to miss an opportunity. So far the animal lies, sick and weak what not to snip off from him couple of pieces?

The poor, my poor country which was so pleased 12 years ago to the person who not just stood on the legs - and already one it was for happiness in our country in which before decade at fed, so to speak, aged men, mumbling, brainless and not capable of anything, sat. And here!. Young (against - that 70 - summer foozles!) itself costs, itself speaks, itself goes!. In karate butts, operates fighters and on - simple talks to the people - all country of enemies in an outhouse was going to waste, I remember, I remember...

12 years. Illusions, illusions, illusions. That is more bitter now, as I then was delighted. And I solved - well as, here it, began!
Began, aha.
began to Reach me few years ago only, alas. Washing ingenuity pumped up. Yes even not ingenuity, I just do not love policy, here and was not interested, did not watch and where it happened to see something - to hear, did not penetrate. Correctly speaks? And how. Vigorously? Yes super it is simple. In general beauty.
After Yeltsin - that especially.

And only few years ago something suddenly joined in the head. When I incidentally heard some speech of the prime minister of that time as if, and and suddenly understood the president current as if that somewhere I already heard all this and not once, probably. And then in the Internet there was a site even 2004 - go years with an election program and pre-election promises our permanent... By the way, do not look for a site, it was removed for about a year back. Completely, by the way. And then bukletik of 2006 - go, apparently, years at acquaintances it was dug out, devoted to “United Russia“ in honor of the next Duma elections... And then showed me an election program of Medvedev of 2008 - go. And here and new elections on a nose - and again GDP with the correct speeches and promises.
One to one whether you know, one to one. As though with very first rewrote - well unless changing dates and sometimes replacing some words with synonyms. And god with it that one to one. More terrible the fact that any promise ACTUALLY was not kept.
of Pension and a salary to state employees increased - yes here only inflation grew so that this increase only on a piece of paper and pleased pensioners.
From first year of board our savior promised us restoration of production in our country. Yes, and as - production blossoms at us, in the terry color blossoms, just paradise garden with fountainlets. Agriculture at us not in... not in a hole, in sense. And we do the fabrics, both machines, and machines ekportiruy and TNP notorious - almost everything exclusive the. And as. It is possible to think, it is great, to nobody the known secret - that Russia only due to export of hydrocarbons still still somehow stays afloat. corruption at us is won by
I completely, you did not know? the promise to each family on the apartment to 2010 - mu to year you remember
A? Is not present? And I here with own eyes in a bukletika that read, I can find this relic, scan and to lay out the scan in a network if you do not trust.
Well and so on, on points. Much there any beautiful it was told and it is strongly promised. I a being pedantic, the German roots to see, affect - long looked, read... thought.

For only one education ruined all top it is necessary to prosecute for wrecking. And to shoot - as enemies of the people. As ENEMIES of the PEOPLE.
which raise to themselves the illiterate, uneducated, not able to think consumers. You know what for? not to strain. It is very easy to operate dark stupid weight.

“The model of the universal consumer concluded in this autoclave or, speaking our way, in a samozapiralnik, wants beyond all bounds./... / And she will not wait for favor by nature. It will take by nature everything that it is necessary for it for entire happiness, that is for satisfaction./... / She will not know either hunger, or thirst, or a toothache, or personal troubles. All her requirements will be instantly satisfied in process of their emergence. - Forgive, - Edik politely told, - and all her requirements will be material? - Well certainly! - exclaimed Ran out. - Spiritual needs will develop in compliance! I already noted that the more material requirements, the spiritual needs will be more various. It will be the GIANT of SPIRIT and the coryphaeus!“ End of the quote.

Behind it and an union of the state with ROC.
to me all the same, if honestly who, in what trusts. As they say, who believes in Magomet who in Allah who in Jesus. Each person has the right to trust. Under the Constitution, by the way. A freedom of worship and freedom of worship at us, if that., It seems. That you knew
, the atheism is religion too. As there are no proofs of existence or absence of god, it is possible to believe that he is - and that call him so - that. And it is possible to believe that it is absent. And the rights not believing in god especially are protected by the Constitution. You know why? Correctly. In it it is in black and white written down that Russia - the SECULAR STATE.
I then I as the atheist, I demand that did not impose me ideology alien to me. That did not enter religion into educational institutions - in no shape or form. That religious fanatics ceased - from blessing of the state and all “Saint“ fathers - to splash to me in a face the orthodox saliva, demanding that I recognized their god. And if not votserkovlyus immediately, I do not run to put bows and hands of these fat pastors to shower with kisses, then I as if and not the person turn out at all - and spirituality at me any, both the morality is absent, and there is no patriotism - and in general I am a person then not cultural. I distort, you think? Fig of similar. It almost literally words of the deputy of our Samara thought from the United Russia. Well, esteem: ru/theme/id/2394/_kak_v_chechne/#comment_add_form
As though spirituality and patriotism without faith in god do not exist. Shit. The Middle Ages and obscurantism if to be expressed culturally...

Lied to GDP, lied and continues to lie. poor my country watches
A at it and sighs - it is supposedly boyars, reptiles, from the tsar-father the truth is hidden, the tsar-father at us oho - go and he does not know as people live, boyars angry do not say to it...
Poor, my poor silly country.

We urgently need progressors. Not today, is not present - the day before yesterday, week, one hundred years ago. My God, as we need progressors who would know! Everything, everything, worldwide that lived and people worked for a civilization, for education, for distribution of humanity, culture, environmental friendliness. Not revolyutsyonera, perish the thought. Progressors. Which gradually, on slightly - slightly, on a short step, on a draft - will bring our world out of madness and wildness. Which will show slowly that except stupid repetition of zatverzhenny phrases, there is still a thinking. Own. And, maybe, more and more people will learn to THINK. Which will find and involve new progressors - and, maybe, day when the whole world is inhabited only by such here progressors will come sometime.
is shorter, I want Comcon. Commission on contacts with mankind. Comcon - Ch.