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For what people travel?

you like to travel? I too! For one travel - it is dream which is executed once a year during holiday. Other people look for longer travel. Live year in one country, then quite long time - in another. The third travel as obliges... At some moment I became interested in

why people like to travel. Personally I like to travel to learn the world, to open something new to myself, to see those places about which I read in books. But not all people share my point of view into travel.

Different types of travel

In everyday life each person is under pressure of circumstances, has to work day by day. The routine of daily duties causes boredom. To fill up energy, to relax and rejuvenate during holiday, the majority prefers to leave far away from the house and to enjoy rest fully. People all different also prefer different types of rest and different types of travel.

Extreme trips are made with the purpose to tickle to themselves nerves, to prove to themselves that it is possible to overcome fear and difficulties. Adventurers and dangers want to feel that they can conquer peak, bridle elements. Extreme impressions are used as a way to support in themselves heightened sense of life.

Business travel attract with the fact that give the chance to travel to working hours and at the expense of the employer.

Shopping - rounds - a kind of business tourism.

Travel behind culture - travel out of curiosity with the purpose to learn new for itself. Tourists go on the museums, go sightseeing, inquire in life of people in the different countries, their customs. Such travelers are collectors of information, researchers, those who learn the world.

Travel of the people who are looking for meaning of life, spiritual development. These people look for the Way. Strive for perfection and self-knowledge.

Travel of pilgrims, those who found already the way. Wanderers on the holy sites seek to find a powerful spiritual push, to be inspired on actions, to get rid of problems.

Travel on the seas, i.e. recreational tourism. People hope that seaside resorts will help them to restore forces, to be loaded with energy. At such tourism, however, few new impressions.

Medical tourism for the purpose of improvement is popular too. It is fashionable to be treated on waters from the nineteenth century.

There is still a sports tourism - the active recreation combining adventures and moving to new places.

Travel for the purpose of entertainment. Entertainments can be different: carnivals, festival of beer or concert of the well-known star. Fans go to look at the idols.

What people can receive as a result of travel?

Can grow as persons.

To define the mission in life.

To find new experience and knowledge.

Will begin to understand better themselves and other people.

Will receive new impressions.

Will get acquainted with new people.

Will gain new knowledge and experience.

Will become tolerant to other morals, other religion. Will get rid of prejudices, fanaticism and limitation.

Will feel part of the whole world.

Will feel curiosity to life, as in the childhood.

And here my conclusion why people like to travel: we on travel look for pleasure and truth - the answer to a question for what we live on Earth.

And you as think for what people travel?