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How to say a toast “For lovely ladies“? New Year`s Eve impromptu of

Dear women! Remained about New year very little. I suggest to accept and carry out my offer during this time. Believe, big efforts and monetary investments for this purpose will not be required.

So, so far hands are still free from heavy bags and string-bags while at home purely, quietly and peaceful, pans do not boil yet and frying pans do not hiss, mixers and blenders do not howl yet, let`s stop on the run, we will take breath and we will sit down.

Yes at least here in kitchen at a table. For about fifteen minutes, it is no more. Here small bottle of tasty wine, and digestive biscuit. And now - a deep breath, an exhalation and... at all we will forget about all bad, rough, offensive that happened to us this year. It happened, the hell with him! Let`s leave and will keep in memory only pleasant: gentle, tender, lovely. And let it, this pleasant, is multiplied!

And now, girls, let`s remind ourselves that a quantity of years was inexpressibly lucky us ago. There was a great miracle - we were born. And as we were born Women, God allocated us with absolutely special qualities. How there told great?

At first man`s was created a floor,
Then, having graduated from school,
the Creator of the Universe passed
To the finest floor.
(R. Byorns - S. Marshak)

In the woman is force which amazes the man. The woman can cope with trouble and take out all burdens of life. The woman smiles when she wants to shout, sings when it is necessary to cry, cries when she is happy and laughs when to it it is terrible. She fights for what she believes in. It gives all itself for the family benefit, her Lyubov is unconditional. She finds forces to live when heart is broken off from a grief, She knows that kiss and embrace can cure the broken-off soul. It has only one shortcoming - she forgets about the advantages.

Only the woman is capable to rouse the man to pronounce magic words:

When there ascended your person over the life crumpled by mine of
In the beginning I only understood how what I have is poor.
(E. Yevtushenko)

Only the woman when the man only still painfully deliberates what a pretext to it to invent for acquaintance, at the first view of it knows everything about their future joint life already well, including names by which they will call children and grandsons.

Only the woman does of the husband the man. At marriage the man is similar to unit, and the woman - to zero, and throughout family life arises a certain new number. If the wife is good, she becomes behind unit and is tenfold increases its force. If it is bad, then climbs forward and in so many time the man weakens, turning into zero whole and one tenth.

Only the woman is capable at the height of rough 90 - x to break herself through a knee and, shaking with fear, to begin new life. And at night to whisper in a pillow: “Nothing - nothing, the darling, be afraid. Remember, Noah`s Ark was constructed by the fan, and “Titanic“ - professionals“.

And now - attention! I approach the most important. You remember ordinary expression that God loves a Trinity? Of course, you remember. And so, some inexplicably everything that speak about women, is connected with figure 3. You do not trust? There are facts:

The woman has only three age - the girl, the girl, the young woman, the young woman, the young woman....
At the woman only three states - at the beginning of life it irritates the father, in the middle - irritates the husband, at the end - enrages the son-in-law.
When the woman perfectly looks, it kills three hares at once - pleases itself, admires men and makes cry other women.
Woman that stray bullet: gets into heart, hits the pocket and backfires.
For certain the most ingenious already understood

to what seditious thought I try to bring you. Yes, I am sure, God is very not indifferent to a female, and to us, beautiful women of elegant age, - especially. That is, well it is absolutely not indifferent to you and to me, to mother, the sister and the aunt, to the daughter and the grandmother, to my terrible chief and the talkative neigbour. He watches all of us from above and speaks: “Forward, girls! Be afraid of nothing! I store you“.

And time so, dear women, “... Let`s give a toast, sodviny their time! “, also give me one more minute - I will say the favourite toast. And maybe, prayer.

My God mercy! You gave everything to us, we do not ask anything from you any more, we ask only one: do not consider what we have, excessive, leave it to us!

C us God! And now let`s wish ourselves in new year good luck, good health, good luck!