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Original councils and recipes in your kitchen: let`s crack life?

the Word “economy“ in translation from Greek are meant by “housekeeping“. The name if to ponder, correct. Who as not the real hostess, knows that money and products should be spent it is economical and it is correct. Or, as Leonid Ilyich once formulated, “The economy has to be economical“. And the old man correctly told! If in its time not only spoke, but also did something in this direction!

Ya I mean not maintaining a modest household, but the correct management of economy of the huge country. But, as other classic told, “there are no miracles, and there is nothing to dream of them“.

And therefore we will return on kitchen where I remembered this historical statement, beating egg whites for meringue cake. Being engaged in this important issue, I at the same time reflected over where to put the yolks which remained in a large number. But, without having thought up a way of use of this valuable product “here and now“, I decided to keep yolks to the following time. How to make it? If to leave yolks on air, they will very quickly dry, will become covered by a crust.

And here if to place yolks in bank, to fill in with cold water and to cover, the effect will be absolutely another. Yolks in water are not dissolved. Therefore they to themselves will swim, ready to further use. When it is required, easily and just to get one or several yolks from water. They will remain brilliant and smooth what were a few days ago. The yolks shipped in water can be stored in the refrigerator within a week.

“Here what I am clever!“ - I praised myself, expensive, continuing kitchen work. - “I am not a simple cook whom other Ilyich promised surely to teach to operate the state. I am the real layfkhaker“.

Do not think, please, that I in the fulness of the heart swore in a foreign language. Now I will explain also what is a layfkhaking, and who such layfkhaker.

This word in 2004 was invented by the British journalist Danny O`Brien, and in two years the American society on studying of dialects called the word “layfkhak“ one of the most useful neologisms of English. O`Brien united in one two English words “life“ - “life“ and “hack“ - “breaking“. This word he called short useful tips which allow quicker and to resolve various life and everyday difficult situations with the minimum expenses. The life experience, so to speak, preserved in the form of the useful tips often reduced to one phrase. For example, if you wish to freeze forcemeat, put it in a package so that the package was as much as possible flat. Such packing will be defrozen quicker and more evenly, than any other.

It is possible to tell that all positive experience of our civilization is a series of successfully formulated layfkhakersky techniques.

Other council of a skilled layfkhaker (that is mine) concerning the same yolks. For longer storage they can be frozen, mixing with salt or with sugar, depending on what dish you are going to prepare. On 4 yolks - 1/8 teaspoon (h l.) salts or 1. 5 h l. sugar. It is necessary to defreeze yolks in the refrigerator on the top shelf.

Often it happens that for preparation of cream, the test or sauce only yolks are necessary. And what to do with proteins? Merge them in the plastic container, cover - and in a deep freeze where they can be stored a long time. It is necessary to defreeze proteins also in the refrigerator on the top shelf.

Do not hope for the memory, inscribe quantity of the frozen yolks or proteins on containers.

Of course, it is possible to throw out the remains which were overlooked in the refrigerator, justifying oneself the fact that from couple of yolks - proteins we will definitely not grow rich. But, in my opinion, it is better to keep competently and it is sensible to use valuable products and to praise itself for economical and effective housekeeping. The house economy has to be economical. Ilyich taught it us.

And here several tasty and simple recipes in which it is possible to realize easily kept yolks or proteins.

Gentle Cookies

2 yolks
of 150 g of the
1/2 butter a glass (Art.) of
2 sugar of the Art. of flour in which to replace 1 tablespoon of flour with 1 tablespoon of
1 starch a teaspoon (h l.) baking powder
several drops of vanilla
essence handful of chopped
almonds handful of a dried cranberry
1/4 of h l.

salts Preparation:
1. To mix the sifted flour with salt and a baking powder.
2. To shake up butter of room temperature with sugar to a condition of smooth cream, continuing to shake up on one to add yolks, vanilla, flour mix. Here to put almonds and a cranberry, to mix accurately a spoon.
3. To divide dough into two parts, to roll two sausages, to turn in food wrap and to place for the night in the refrigerator.
4. Having taken out from the refrigerator, to cut on circles 1 cm thick, to spread out on the baking sheet covered with paper for pastries at distance of 2-3 cm
5. The furnace at a temperature of 180 gr. till golden color. Completely to cool
on a baking sheet.

Cookies shokoladno - coconut

3 of
protein of 3 tablespoons of
cocoa of 2,5 St.
coconut flakes of 100 g of
0,5 chocolate of the Art. of
sugar several drops of the vanilla
1/4 essence p. of l.

salts Preparation:
1. Slightly to beat whites a fork, to add sugar, vanilla and again to shake up.
2. To kindle chocolate on a water bath, to add some cocoa, 1 Art. of coconut flakes, proteinaceous mix and it is good to stir.
3. Here to add remained 1. 5 Art. of a coco, once again to vent and for 40 min. to place in the refrigerator.
4. To form balls of the size of a walnut, to roll in in coconut flakes, to lay out on the baking sheet covered with paper for pastries on distance of 2 cm from each other.
5. The furnace at a temperature of 160 degrees of 15-20 min.

Bon appetit!