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Why beautiful number is necessary?

the Subject of beautiful numbers causes quite inconsistent opinions. Also it should be noted that first of all it means only keen interest in it!

One sequences of figures can discuss greedily, their value and an esthetics, mentioning at the same time gold, silver and bronze telephone numbers, others catch mystical sense in symbolics of numbers, and someone, conspiratorially lowering tone, tells about criminal series of automobile registration signs and privileges, with them connected.

But there is also other cohort of inhabitants, not less considerable on number of the adherents criticizing all arguments of judges of the beautiful numbers and inclined satirically to mock at them. Well, how many people, are so much also opinions!

But it is possible to seize one interesting opportunity in such dispute very accurately! Any discussion begins with the subject connected with concrete object. Also the one who applied to production, studying and the description of object own efforts lifts it, incurred material and non-material inputs. And here often simple fans become the main group of opponents to talk! Certainly, it is even possible to derive benefit from an insignificant talk, but to make it difficultly, it is simpler to get the same pluses from constructive conversation, without excess waste of time.

Drawing a parallel to a discussion subject, it is possible to divide two described groups of people into the interested who is studying and having beautiful numbers on the one hand and nothing doing and not having with another.

I will give a simple example. After conversation with the representative of the criticizing party, having listened to all arguments and sarcasm about it, offer it as a gift for interesting conversation beautiful number at choice from several... Also look at reaction!

I think, at such campaign you hardly receive the answer “Not really - that and there was a wish“. Though, in principle, the person, confident in the correctness, would should not make a concession. Business here not that, as they say, “for free and vinegar sweet“, it will not begin to drink vinegar, and will take beautiful number, having confirmed thereby that such gift to it to liking.

Now let`s consider a subject structurally. Whether there were at you moments when the necessary number needed to be transferred on an electronic medium from one place to another, and it is not copied? Well, you looked at it attentively and on memory hammered manually...

Simply! Only in modern number of mobile communication eleven figures: region, prefix and capacity! Besides if numbers got chaotically located and that there was on 7 - 8 figure - in memory was hackneyed... Again it is necessary to climb in notebooks and to rewrite on a piece of paper for specification.

I specially stopped on the specifics characteristic of the businessman, contact loss often creates an array of problems.

Importance of a traditional memorability of number by heart for the loved one can be a household example - we will tell, for the child to whom it difficult happens to reproduce an incoherent combination of figures.

We will consider a role of beautiful number in business. Advertizing managers with an ulterior motive use in work various methods allowing to allocate in the advertizing material not only a brand of the company, but also its contact information.
Here with success is applied association of a logo and requisites of firm: for example, the Taxi 232 transport company has a phone number 232 - 0 - 232, and their competitor of “the Taxi of Gelaksi“ - 883 - 64 - 02. Let`s say your acquaintance used services of both firms and was satisfied, but here when you asked where to call, for some reason remembered only Taxi 232 phone. I think, comments are excessive.

I will stop on one aspect and, perhaps, enough. The aspect is this psychological. Many figures and numbers have an associative array or even a little. So, 1 - a superiority symbol, 3 - communication with religious subject, 5 - is “excellent“, 6 - the prison six, and 666 - number of an animal, 7 - the satellite of good luck, 21 - “point“ or the Blackjack.

Any row is specific and is differently perceived. It depends on cultural, national and professional peculiarities of the personality or group of people. Competently using them, it is possible not only to influence this or that person, but also to make about itself a certain opinion.

We will tell, in the branded series “Six Semerok“, ten companies of a different profile from “the Sedmy continent“ to “Old man Hottabycha“ and “Shin of MVO“, having the general number (495) 777 - 777 - X where H- of figure from 0 to 9, belonging to this or that firm from a brand enter. The rate on such code is justified as economically (purchase of expensive capacity 777777 pays off profit and a financial turn of a network of the companies), and symbolically - “777777“ is associated at the consumer with “a network of the successful companies bringing to the buyer happiness from acquisition of their goods and a good choice for partners of a brand“!

The same principles work at business cards. At a call on certain number at the subscriber the set impression is formed and it is not important whether he or you calls him.

Many will tell that for personal phone these receptions are not effective - all have number determinant, at acquaintances it is written down in contacts in the form of a name, and figures supposedly any do not play a role! Yes, it so, but you gain pleasant effect already at the first call when all ask: “Ý - ý - it is your new number?! “ And you will achieve further result from new acquaintances and partners, they - that know nothing about you yet, but the impression already is, and that which you wanted to make about yourself!

Of course, methods of influence it is much more, and semantic loading in figures is much more considerable, than can seem at first sight. Therefore it is worth affecting specifically in the following articles the most interesting aspects.

Here such there are interesting tendencies within, apparently, uninviting and disputable subject.