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Why luxury goods are necessary?

it is accepted to abuse rich people for excessive aspiration to the magnificent life and attributes surrounding it Now! However very few people think of the fact that he brings to the certain person moral satisfaction from possession of an exclusive and whom is such individual in essence.

It is necessary to tell that not one rich men possess luxury goods, on the contrary, money-bags usually in a trend also collect generally quite banal things, using them as a favorable asset for resale. The real judges often have middle-income, but have in the even if tiny collections very rare, and at times and unique values.

A striking example to they are the old friends of the famous artists and their descendants who appreciated creations of painters in due time. Much of them got artworks as a gift or in acknowledgement, and is frequent, having even appeared in financially difficult situation, they cannot leave with so valued them objects of art!

In general, one may say, that the luxury is inherent in all segments of the population equally and the aspiration to it is expressed absolutely at all people, but expression of the most this concept, certainly, differs. As the most striking example we will look at religious figures. One, striving for spiritual perfection, without paying attention to material benefits, others have, so to speak, “spiritual luxury“, ground on a mercantile component, are often owners of the magnificent benefits in traditional understanding of the term “luxury“.

Thus, luxury goods in itself are interesting by what they bear semantic load of consciousness of the owner. Not for nothing so many legends are connected with the well-known diamonds, crowns, rings and other attributes of royal families, pirates and adventurers.

The person, receiving a desired relic, identifies himself with the keeper of its force, power and secret opportunities!

Coming back to household level, I think, you remember not one heard phrase like “hours as at James Bond“, “earrings as at Sophia Loren“, “phone as at Karl Lagerfeld“ and so forth. At the same time, certainly, speaking means the proximity to the specified persons even if also speculative...

Even the word the luxury is the certain verbal brand, the term symbolizing absolute wealth and intolerance to compromises. Luxury - wealth and success in everything!

Here conversation of two students:

- Olga call back to me, at last, itself, will be enough to send “The subscriber asks you to call back to it“! To you what, two rubles are a pity?

- Yes, from where such luxury! On mobile week there is no money!

It is clear, that two rubles not a symbol of luxury, but to move to pity the girlfriend, it is possible and to compare her opportunity to have money on the mobile account with luxury, to emphasize its importance at present, and at the same time and to save at her expense. The trifle, of course, but it already belongs to personal qualities, but not to our question. Though nobility and generosity can be referred to concept of spiritual luxury safely!

Well, intermediate results of our reasoning keep within the following items answering a question who needs luxury goods:

1. That who needs to emphasize the status of the owner.

2. To the one who identifies himself with any sacral sense of a subject.

3. To the true judge of art.

4. To the adherent of a religious trend or cultural direction.

5. To the person interested to ego-trip at the expense of a material component.

6. To the businessman trying to profit.

7. To the successor of value or considering himself as that.

It is necessary to tell that all listed points are connected by the invisible thread passing through them namely presence of two subjects of the relations: person and thing. What is important: this thread is also a necessary and sufficient condition for existence of the concept “luxury“! If there is a lot of owners, then it is not luxury, but the ordinary any more. If there is no owner, then the subject in general is imperceptible.

From here it is possible to draw the most important and only conclusion: the luxury goods are necessary to allocate the one and only person against all others so that the others samolichno recognized it! And what was recognized, so it is already following question depending on type of a subject and its historical, cultural and economic importance. The choice of a concrete subject will also define the attitude towards the person.