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Why Islam against celebration of New year? “It is impossible to celebrate

New year!“ - Muslim preachers unanimously claim. What such “criminal“ they find in so the holiday loved by all?

“Well, Father Frost, wait a moment!“

In Islam believers have to hope only for Allah`s favor and have to ask fulfillments of desires only from God. And celebrating New year, children and adults, as a rule, wait for miracles from “some“ grandfather! And Islamic preachers note that Father Frost not just “nobody“, but also absolutely negative image, paganism mix with the Soviet cultural gleam. At the same time they refer to the fact that in the past Father Frost shrouding people with cold to death, parents frightened disobedient children. “Tell

- the darling, how are you doing?“


: winter, night, wood. The girl`s corpse on snow. The heart-broken parents lamenting: “Why you oslushat us - and - and - the expert?“ Well and how you think who this girl who died of overcooling in the wood? Yes: Snow Maiden! Counter to parents it went to the wood where it to death was held down cold by spiteful Father Frost. Quite so also also another the so-called observing Muslims (as opposed to ethnic imagine the Snow Maiden, that is that who belongs to Muslims in the birthplace, but does not fulfill all requirements of Islam).

Of course if to tell about this point of view to children, hardly they will want to meet New year with such “monsters“.

“In the wood was born a fir-tree,
it grew In the wood“

To tradition to put a fir-tree for New year at Muslims even more claims. First of all, it is the harm done to the nature from - for cuttings down of a huge number of trees. In Islam it is impossible even to break blades without special need.

Besides, Muslims should not put a fir-tree also because it is impossible to make round around something, except the Kaaba (a Muslim shrine in Mecca). And therefore dancing of children around a fir-tree - a great sin. “Everyone let to itself(himself) will pour

, will drink with us and will sing.
New year, New year, New year“

of the Lightning throw eyes of Muslim preachers, hardly at them will start talking about New year as a holiday, generally from - for champagne and other alcoholic beverages on a holiday table. Alcohol and the Muslim, on Islam, are incompatible. Here also spread observing relentless statistics: for January the peak of death from alcoholic poisoning is necessary; 5, 6, 7 - go January it happens most of all alcoholic psychoses; most of all addresses to “Ambulance“ are fixed in the first of January, etc.

“We will call friends good, we Will arrange to
a holiday with all the heart …“

On New Year`s Eve tables burst with different foods. Even those who are not able to afford superfluous seek not to lag behind this night others and lay a table more richly. The observing Muslims call all this squandering. And squandering in Islam is condemned.

Here refer also tradition to give gifts to relatives for New year. It too squandering.

“The children wait for my presents, you will get
I from me!.“

Even if the Muslim does not note approach of new year, forbids to celebrate to the relatives, but at the same time, working in shop (at the market, in shopping center), sells products (toys etc.) for celebration of New year to other people, and it in Islam is condemned. You consider yourself as the believing Muslim? Well, desire to cover the shop in order to avoid a sin.

“Nice holiday it here:
Hi, a fir-tree - New year!“

Well and the most important reason, on which Islam against celebration of New year, - the fact that approach of new year is not among Muslim holidays. This holiday, according to Muslim preachers, pagan. And the one who celebrates pagan holidays becomes a pagan. So considers Islam.

Besides, the Muslim belief carries holidays to one of types of worship of God therefore to note others, not Muslim, holidays it is considered a sin.

In Islam there are holidays which Muslims have the right to mark out, but their of everything two: holiday of Sacrifice and festival of the First meal after fast.

P. S. And what Muslims so went for for New year? People want to have fun, gather once again at one table, to please children. What here it? So also Muslims who ethnic think. But here it is possible to foresee the answer of preachers: “If you are a Muslim, then has to live with an eternal caution on paradise and hell!“ What here fun...