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(On) what we are not taught in driving school? We Will assume

, the seller of apples reports that he will sell you only a peel from apples. And on a show-window, say, models. I represent your indignation! But knowledge is the same goods, as well as any other. Why, having paid considerable money, often we carry away from driving school only “crust“?

training Cost in driving schools as well as the cost of apples, fluctuates over a wide range. It begins from 8000 rubles in North Ossetia and comes nearer to 50000 in the north of Kamchatka. It is surprising that for such different money offer us, in effect, the same goods. Do we have to get acquainted carefully with it before purchase?

Training in all driving schools is made according to to “The approximate program of training of drivers of vehicles of the category “B““ (approved by the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation of June 18, 2010. No. 636 ) (further - “Program“). It defines at least knowledge which to us has to be taught. Approximate the Program is called because in its different driving schools can expand or specify a little: for example, to define on cars with what transmission - mechanical or automatic - training will be made.

The approximate Program as well as specified, applied in this driving school has to be available to a review to each listener.

The program is calculated on 156 hours and consists of 5 objects:

• Legislation bases in the sphere of traffic (including offset) 48 hours.

• The device and maintenance of vehicles (including offset) 15 hours.

• Bases of safe driving of 18 hours.

• First aid (including examination) 24 hours.

Final assessment in the above-named objects - 1 hour.

• Practical driving (including examination) 50 hours.

Each subject of the Program to us is obliged to teach on certain subjects. They can be rearranged in places and the list them can be expanded, increasing a number of hours. For example, the subject “Legislation Bases in the Sphere of Traffic“ consists of 16 subjects, and in driving school can add it with the subject “Acquisition of the Car“.

Statistically, every fifth accident is connected with the wrong journey of intersections. Let`s consider how in driving school we in it have to be trained.

The subject No. 6 “Journey of intersections “ the subject “ of the Basis of the legislation … “ is calculated by on 4 hours. In a subject it is in detail described that we have to study:

“General rules of journey of intersections.

Adjustable intersections. Interaction of signals of the traffic light and signs of a priority. Order and sequence of the movement at the adjustable intersection.

Unregulated intersections. A movement order at intersections of equivalent roads. A movement order at intersections of inadequate roads“ . And so on...

Also a practical training - analysis of standard emergencies and the solution of tasks is provided.

In a subject 5 “ the Assessment of level of danger of the perceived information, the organization of supervision in process of management of the vehicle “ the subject “ of the Basis of safe management … “ we have to study 2 hours, in addition, and “to to algorithm of survey of adjacent roads at journey of intersections“ .

On “ Practical driving “ in time initial training at the ground we have to work 3 hours a task 4 - “ the Stop in the set place, turns, journey of the intersection and a railway crossing“ .

Further, in the conditions of real traffic, at first 12 hours on routes with small intensity of traffic, and then 14 hours on routes with big intensity we work “Journey of the intersection. Actions of the driver at journey of the intersection. Determination of distance to the approaching vehicle. Determination of speed of the approaching vehicle. Need and expediency of evolution. Actions on a signal of the traffic light (traffic controller). Choice of a trajectory of the movement. Departure on the intersection. Journey of unregulated intersections of equivalent and inadequate roads in the direct direction, with turn to the right and on the left, turns for the movement in the opposite direction“ .

If we study it and successfully we pass tests after each grade level from where all these scared clumsies undertake?

Or subject “ Insurance of a civil liability of owners of vehicles “. Here what we have to understand:

Review of acts. Insurance order. Order of the conclusion of the contract on insurance. Insured event. Basis and order of payment of the insured sum.

Practical class in a subject 16: Filling of the form of the notice about dorozhno - transport incidents (road accident) .

Why we are so helpless before insurance companies?

It is possible to remember also the sad joke which was really taking place. The teacher of the subject “ Device and maintenance … “ instead of in brief depicting “ types, appointment and the principle of operation of engines and their mechanisms “, began to tell about subtleties of its repair tiresomely. After lecture one of listeners asked:

- And at “automatic machine“ of a candle is?

If you did not understand humour, address for explanations some driver or any male. But whether this listener is guilty though of something?

With practical driving which cost makes the lion`s share of the sum of the means spent for training, a situation approximately same.

Here one instructor the whole hour cannot teach us to start, and to other, skilled driver, it is possible to make it in five minutes. But this skilled driver will not consider it necessary to explain an operations procedure at an entrance to the intersection which is obvious to it and does not demand any explanations.

Remember that with the end of training your problems will only begin.

At the choice of driving school, as well as at the choice of any expensive goods, try to choose the best. They are. In them declare a subject of the current lesson and watch that you kept abstracts. Autoinstructors at these schools have the certificate on the right of driving instruction. The school is equipped with all training materials and technical means of training which list is established by the Program.

If you have no choice, demand. Do not listen to people who want to take away your money, without having made anything and without having given in exchange.

Knowledge is an opportunity to save time. Which - too money.