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Whether it is possible to tell a simple story in language of chemical elements?

A as! Of course, it is possible. Here one simple story from depth of popular chemical wisdom.

There is its beginning. Business was not in Eu, not in Am, and it is possible also in In. We gathered with Bk and B for its Fm. Also K sat. Here B to us and Sc: “What without O to sit, and so S at heart. Give we will chip in together of Rb!“ Well, all of us are glad - such Tc! One word - Ti, and here Bk to us Sc: “I - that with Ga, mean Nd“. And B to it: “Nd time, give two Rb“ and to us podmn. Bk presses close: “At me one Cu At, Ag all came to an end“. Here I as Ac of Tb at it: “Pt, - I say, - and all here!“ And Bk: “What I Ho have to leave Fm?“ With great difficulty Pd. “And to whom to run? - Bk shouts. - I - that absolutely Cr“. Then B sbe Rbi, put to itself under As and ran. And Bk and Ra.

And now we will translate into common language as most of dear readers does not know names of elements. Even a formula of H 2 water O (ash - two - about) which - who, is, reads as en - two - the lake

Business was not in Evropiya, not in Amerition, and it is possible, and in India. We gathered with Berkelium and Bor for its fermium. Sat also potassium. Here Bor to us and scandium: “What without oxygen to sit, and it is so gray at heart. Give we will chip in together of rubidium!“ Well, all of us are glad - such technetium! One word - the titan, and here Berkelium to us scandium: “I - that about Gallium, mean neodymium“. And Bor to it: “Time neodymium, give two rubidium“, and to us under manganese. Berkelium presses close: “I have one copper astatine, argentum all came to an end“. Here I as the actinium at it terbium: “Platinum, - I say, - and all here!“ And Berkelium: “What I holmium have to leave fermium?“ With great difficulty palladium. “And to whom to run? - Berkelium shouts. - I - that am absolutely lame“. Then Bor of sberilliya of a rubidiya, put to itself under arsenic and ran. And Berkelium and radium.

We sit, curium, we wait for Bor. Suddenly we hear: “Aurum! Aurum!“ I speak: “In any way Bohr?“ And Berkelium: “No, neon“. Gadolinium we, gadolinium who it would be? Berkelium meanwhile in a corner about Gallium, a hand on thallium, and lithium to it something about Frantsy, old plutonium, and it to it on a neck bismuth. Suddenly we hear again: “Aurum! Aurum!“

we Leave, we look - Bor, and behind it neighbour`s cobalt Argon and hafnium, hafnium on it runs. It caught up Bor and as its vinegar for arsenic where ours rubidium lay. Our Bor is the guy iron, does not concede: “Antimony, - shouts, - praseodymium, lead damned!“ And that know its ytterbium. Here Bor absolutely of lutetias became. Waves hands, shouts: “Who to me a shirt lanthanum will be? “ We look, and ours rubidium already at Cobalt in mercury. I to it molybdenum: “Argonchik, - I say, - tell hafnium, well tell“. And it only through clenched teeth: “Br - r - r - ohm, br - r - r - ohm …“.

Here Berkelium stannum on knees, crept up to Argon and as will shout: “Hafnium!!!“ Well and zirconium! Argon rubidium swallowed ours also run about fermium. We to Bor: “Polonium into place ours rubidium“. And it: “What I to you, their rhodium perhaps?“ Plyumbum we on him also left. What with a dubniya to take? That we still sodium thought nickel!

I hope, this sad story on a hot topic will help you with studying of chemical language.

One more way of storing of trivial names in chemistry, for example, the four first the member among saturated hydrocarbons (alkanes) - transfer at the beginning of a number of their radicals: marked ethyl spent on drink butyl.

Or: “Ash - two - about - not our motto. Ours - tse - two - ash - five - about - ash“.