Rus Articles Journal

Capacity of an epilog

of Conventuals - mozhzhevet a footpath
Suddenly blocked.
the Peephole
Sparkles wolf berry.
Is entrusted the Carmine
an euonymus, is very high.
density surrounds the Wood at once
O what was narrated by a sacral oak
of Forty, muttering, tells you.
Abrupt kroner. There is a lot of branches - arches.
Or I look from the lowland of a reservoir
At water where clouds flicker?
of Wons seemed something like the house -
So a fir-tree of a razlat, Xing - is big.
the Springing paws from below,
Is hidden by them very reliably a boletus.
of Stones mossy foreheads. Already other
will not be - the old man does not change.
In a moss stray blyostky, Bugs, routes are beautiful
difficult are given. whether
Animal are clear prospects?
Grows white a jaw.
the Moss in the bottom of a pine.
the Shovel is white - yellow. Blockages
of Stones, the ravine big also badgered.
In ruptures of kroner tsvetasto began to shine
Heavenly a sunset strip Night life is rich with
is dug by Badgers
In a ravine the whole labyrinth.
the Marten will fly. the Owl with eyes
the Wisest
Since morning fog as bandage
Trees twists
- however, wounds
are not thought. Fog will descend a wave.
I inform of letters of bark rvano
That here once there passed a hero.
Pogryz moose on an alder turns yellow.
the Viper, having twisted, went to a dream in a hole.
the Bear roars - furious, is able to frighten
of All - and it is not game.
a bear will bury Then in an ant hill, pinching
I from a paw muravyyov,
is So happy, from it blows as content.
A after - the tasty world of boletuses.
Forest force, and - sounding of the wood,
the Symphony will hear heaven.
there Pass elks, a step - that a weight
I a chasm of life the woods shine.

K of Otkrovenyyu Ioann the capacity
of Posleslovya is represented by you -
In the sky looking - the gold brightness
in the Fall as height symbol. Life any to saturate
with similar
Depth, curve to straighten! the Catalogue of sins - very detailed -
to Cross out
, and a corpse to bury.
the Layer behind a layer height over us -
Even the lower layer we will not manage to decipher
because part we continue to live in a hole
of Sami.
Nevertheless light - the amber inherent in the sky,
of Prospect promises, is abrupt
by Force wise - that which we are absent
B to straighten a human route.

Vincenzo Mantuanscy on a coin
In six doppiya. Silver grew dull.
What Vincenzo was on this light,
Where angrily it is sometimes similar to good? I won
or lost? I do not know old I watch
Ya at a coin. very expensive I recognize
as the Masterpiece,
That is indifferent for days to a calendar to
In Vincenzo`s jabot, hair stream,
I are densely squeezed lips, loves the power,
Still, it seems, balls - and to enjoy
Everything that will offer, seducing, passion.
On a reverse a dog - clots of muscles, and
High, furious, as a wolf.
at times mourning thoughts
Exhaust Me, but also in it - the hidden sense.
the Dog on a coin is grandiose,
That for work! - I will admire.
Sparkles something in brain labyrinths -
A suddenly (yes throw!) life solution?
Six doppiya - face value such is coins
Look I in the monitor, having almost forgotten
Reality, fight against a potma of light,
I terrible branching of prospects.

* * * at
mushrooms grow In old entrenchments,
of Malines grows sometimes.
As though here fallen - paws of destiny
are not representable - hey yeah! -
of Comers want to treat here, Gifts by it bearing
from the earth.
For us, for us continue to live,
Kohl we could not.
Is tasty raspberry, mushrooms are big -
Posthumous left gift. their whisper I hear
- We are close to you,
Though we learned a nightmare -
the war Nightmare which absorbed us
We nearby! Thank you,
That you came to the wood!
I prayer now.
Grows to my lips

* * *
Latanny - perelatanny,
Life the most zaplatanny,
Continuing to live -
Puganny Enriched with experience,
many times footfall
of Troubles whose is known speed.
Latanny, perelatanny, Plans forgotten - as supposedly you
it will embody
Light in soul nevertheless glimmers -
Reaches for the sky as the tree, Wants
in wise calm.

Tries to live as if nothing happened - bringing together by a clot itself, concentrating on the past which has to be real - or a failure in non-existence pro-wounds
rises in the Morning, makes a breakfast, and speaks with it, speaks: You see, I dreamed snow, snow open spaces, white again - white, nothing means it happened, there is nothing black, I now, as always will eat fried eggs, I will drink coffee and I will set to office where the whole day I will be But strong, yantarno - brown aroma of coffee causes tears - she so loved, so loved this drink, especially in the morning, a bit earlier
In office, pretending that all still, it is concentrated, efficient and what laps in a chasm of his eyes hardly interests someone (who needs the ontologic, not giving in to any logic horror?)
From office home - it slows down, as far as possible own way, in the boulevard stops, looks at game of children, listens attentively to splash of their fun Dogs rush one after another, black and red Here you see, everything turns in a brain, as earlier, I come back home, and you made a dinner and wait for me.
But he knows that nobody made a dinner, and nobody waits because, having died, it became part it, and no more, and it needs extreme concentration of forces to live - at least so

Caravans kicked up the gold dust which is fancifully flashing on the sun, and loops of their movement were slowly involved to the great city not capable, appear, to accept uncountable camels and donkeys whose bales on sides, hardly pulled spices and various products. Tents of pilgrims dazzled among the gardens, and fakirs amused public with intricate focuses. The master who became isolated in one of uncountable secret rooms of the palace performed the ritual conducted only to the highest priests. Thin music of sense fanned each action, and the ritual objects from precious metals speckled by kamenye flashed the instant act of connection with by secret force. Shouts of muleteers and sellers of water dissected hot air ostroottochenny knives, and the city faded, shaking in a mirazhny haze, faded to break up, wake up crumbs of words in the manuscript of the wise man seeing all this in the previous embodiment. Having finished with
the next chapter, he left Gothic walls of an office, passed long, gloomy corridors, opened many doors, went down on a number of the used-up ladders to leave at last on habitually - the favourite narrow street where before his nose rushed, sparkling, unknown object with the rollicking horseman. Looking in a trace to it, the wise man understood that he entered the embodiment new already, and the young people meeting sometimes on the way, confirmed with breed of the clothes it.
the Wise man living so long ago as itself would not manage to remember all passable labyrinths, belonged quietly to the new and new lives which - were fancifully waving, giving opportunities for new immersion in to depth of life